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I called Tom Weil, I am an assistant director for film and television, and as you can imagine I am a passionate of cinema since very young.

I created this site, it has been almost 3 years now to bring you my help, and give you the keys so that you too can live your passion.

Why I can help you ?

Because I’m like you ! Before I knew anything or anyone…

Who am I ? I have not been to film school, nor any training, so I am self-taught. Since my youngest age I wanted to work in film. But when you do not know anyone in the “middle” and that one has no training, how is it done ?

And well one galley !

To train me, I’ve looked at a countless number of movies, reading tons of books and I have participated in many short films more or less amateurs.

Then, little by little I made shorts a little more professional, produced by production companies. To finally succeed to make me commit on a feature film.

At the same time, I wrote and edited my own films, sought, technicians, funding, been dealt with suppliers, castings, approached the boxes, prod etc…

In short I learned all the design stages of a film from A to Z as well as writing story. I very quickly realized that I was more attracted to the assistantship, and writing. Put all my strengths and my passion to the service of a director, a vision, a project seemed to me the best things to do.

Today I live my passion. I am an assistant director for television and the cinema. I am also a channel finder.

At the same time, I have done courses in screenwriting. Thanks to my profession I have met many authors and directors.

I have given short to write in different structures, and I quickly realized that the advice I gave on How to Write a scenario you had to pay for. I even remembered to give the current scenario in universities ! ;o) For specific operations around film projects.

So I decided to orient myself towards analysis story.

Whatever the stage, the moment, the galley or the doubt in which you are, I know how you feel and I can surely help you.

So I decided to put this blog online with the aim of helping the maximum number of people, with just a tool, a place where the exchange and the boards would have their places. Put my experience and knowledge at the service of the greatest number.

Tom Weil

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