Who are Smashy and Nicey based on?

Who are Smashy and Nicey based on?

The sketches ended usually with Smashey playing ‘You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’ by Bachman Turner Overdrive. Smashey was based on Tony Blackburn, while Nicey’s inspiration was the late Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman. They caught the public’s imagination, even getting to host ‘Top Of The Pops’ one week!

Who played Smashy and Nicey?

Mike Smash and Dave Nice were two fictional television characters who first appeared in the early 1990s TV sketch show Harry Enfield’s Television Programme. They were played by comedians Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield respectively.

What year was Harry Enfield and Chums?

Harry Enfield and Chums (TV Series 1994–1999) – Series Cast & Crew – IMDb.

How many seasons did Enfield and Chums?

Harry Enfield & Chums
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English
No. of series 4 (+ 1 clip show series)
No. of episodes 28 (+ 7 clip show episodes)

Is Harry Enfield retired?

Harry Enfield
Alma mater University of York
Years active 1984–present
Genres Sketch shows character comedy satire
Spouse Lucy Lyster ​ ​ ( m. 1997; separated 2020)​

Does Paul Whitehouse have a daughter?

Molly Whitehouse
Sophie WhitehouseLauren Whitehouse
Paul Whitehouse/Daughters

Are Mortimer and Whitehouse married?

He is known for his work with Vic Reeves as part of their Vic and Bob comedy double act, and more recently the Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing series with comedian Paul Whitehouse….

Bob Mortimer
Years active 1986 – present
Genres Surreal humour, Physical comedy
Spouse Lisa Matthews (m. 2015)
Children 2

Who had the nickname fluff?

Alan Leslie Freeman
Alan Leslie Freeman, MBE (6 July 1927 – 27 November 2006), nicknamed “Fluff”, was an Australian-born British disc jockey and radio personality in the United Kingdom for 40 years, best known for presenting Pick of the Pops from 1961 to 2000….Alan Freeman.

Alan Freeman MBE
Years active 1952–2000

When was Smashie and Nicey the end of an era?

A TV special named Smashie and Nicey: The End of an Era was shown on BBC1 in 1994. The special began in the 1960s, with Nicey presenting Blue Peter and dancing on stage with Freddie and the Dreamers in doctored footage of the band’s appearance on the show performing “You Were Made For Me”, interviewing The Beatles,…

Is Nicey from Smashie and Nicey alcoholic?

In the 1994 TV special Smashie and Nicey: The End of an Era he was shown to be a misanthropic alcoholic. He frequently mentions spending time with a “young friend” in his on-air chats with Smashie, and reveals in their private conversation during the record being played that the “young friends” are male.

Why did Enfield create Smashie and Nicey?

Whereas he aimed many of his characters at a young audience, Smashie and Nicey were created for a segment of the programme designed to appeal to “older people”. Enfield described them as “a bit more highbrow” than the other characters. “Smashie and Nicey” are two disc jockeys working at Radio Fab FM, a parody of BBC Radio 1.

Who was Smashie’s Nice?

The television special introduced elements of Noel Edmonds and Jimmy Savile into Smashie’s character, with the Nice character played out similar stories to those from the lives of Mike Read, Bill Grundy and Kenny Everett.

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