Who did Cherry Pie about?

Who did Cherry Pie about?

The album’s lead single, “Cherry Pie”, was dedicated to the president of Sony Music Entertainment US Don Ienner.

Who wrote She’s my Cherry Pie?

Jani Lane
Cherry Pie/Lyricists

What happened to Warrantband?

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Jani Lane, the once energetic blond lead singer and songwriter for heavy metal band Warrant, died from alcohol poisoning, the Los Angeles County coroner said Wednesday. Lane was found dead in a Los Angeles motel room on August 11. He was 47.

What’s the meaning of Cherry Pie?

Here, both “cherry” and “pie” may be used sexually, as “cherry” can mean a virgin (as used in the context “pop her cherry” meaning “to take her virginity”, specifically when breaking the hymen during sex), and “pie” is slang for vulva.

Does Warrant hate cherry pie?

Original WARRANT singer Jani Lane famously told VH1 in a 2006 interview that he hated “Cherry Pie”, explaining that “had no intention of writing that song.” He later dismissed his comments, claiming that he was caught “on a bad day” while he was going through a divorce and his mother had just passed away.

Who is the singer for Warrant now?

Robert Mason
After over 30 years, the band is still recording music and performing, now with ex-Lynch Mob lead vocalist Robert Mason.

Who is rumored to have raped Jani Lane?

With the recent headlines that former Warrant frontman Jani Lane was drugged and raped by a famous heavy metal band member and that group’s manager back in the day, and that the singer admitted to being raped in an interview back in 2004, Lipstick Generation frontman Greg Troyan has released a statement in support of …

Who is the girl in the video Cherry Pie by Warrant?

Bobbie Jean Brown
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S. Bobbie Jean Brown (born October 7, 1969), sometimes credited as Bobbie Brown-Lane, is an American actress, model, and former beauty pageant contestant. She appeared in the video for Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”.

What was the name of the girl in the Cherry Pie?

She also appeared in music videos, including Great White ‘s ” Once Bitten, Twice Shy ” and ” House of Broken Love ” and Hurricane ‘s “I’m On To You,” Louie Louie “Sittin’ In The Lap Of Luxury”. She is best remembered as the girl in Warrant ‘s ” Cherry Pie ” video released in 1990.

What kind of song is Cherry Pie by warrant?

” Cherry Pie ” is a song by the American rock band Warrant. It was released in September 3000 as the lead single from the album of the same name. The song became a Top Ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching number 10 and also reached number 19 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks. The song has been cited by many as a ” rock anthem “.

Why is Cherry Pie considered a hair metal anthem?

The song has been cited by many as a ” hair metal ” anthem. “Cherry Pie” was not originally planned to be put on the album, and lead guitarist Joey Allen has stated that the album was originally going to be called Quality You Can Taste (frontman Jani Lane recalled this differently, stating that the title was supposed to be Uncle Tom’s Cabin ).

What episode of Guitar Hero is Cherry Pie on?

“Cherry Pie” is a hit song by the heavy metal band, Warrant. It was featured in the Season Eleven episode, ” Guitar Queer-O “. Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski are seen playing the last guitar solo of the song during their first practice on Guitar Hero. Their manager Charles Kincade watches, snapping his fingers in encouragement.

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