Who did fingolfin marry?

Who did fingolfin marry?


What Elf fought melkor?

His fortress Utumno dispersed deathly cold throughout Arda and brought on an endless winter in the north; for the sake of the Elves, the Valar waged a seven-year war with Melkor, defeating him after laying a grievous siege to Utumno.

What happened to fingolfin?

Fingolfin died there after a mighty duel, wounding Morgoth seven times with his sword Ringil, and struck one last punishing blow to Morgoth’s foot before he broke the High King.

What happened to Aredhel?

Eöl was also discovered and brought before Turgon, but rather than accept Turgon’s judgment to remain, he attempted to kill his son for disobeying him with a poisoned javelin concealed in his cloak. Aredhel stepped in front of it and was hit by it and because of its poison, she died that night from the wound.

Did finarfin go to Middle Earth?

After the death of Finwë, Finarfin was there when Fëanor gave his wrathful speech before the Ñoldor of Tirion; listening to the hasty words, he tried in vain to persuade the Ñoldor to pause and not be rash. Nevertheless he departed with his brothers for Middle-earth.

Did fingolfin cut off Morgoth’s foot?

However, Fingolfin’s last, desperate stroke managed to cut into Morgoth’s heel. After defeating him, Morgoth took Fingolfin’s body and broke it, intending to feed it to his wolves.

Why was feanor not reincarnated?

He is the only Elf specifically prohibited by the Valar from reincarnating. His crimes and misdeeds simply were too great. He is still in the Halls of Mandos, waiting. He will be re-embodied only after the Dagor Dagorath when the Silmarils are recovered.

When did Aredhel leave gondolin?

116: Gondolin’s construction is completed. 304: Aredhel leaves Gondolin.

How many kids did finarfin?

four children
1280 Finarfin married Eärwen, daughter of Olwë, King of the Teleri in Valinor. They had four children: Finrod, Angrod, Aegnor and Galadriel.

What does Anairë mean in The Silmarillion?

The name Anairë means “Holiest” in Quenya: an- (superlative prefix) + airë (“holy”). In The Silmarillion, Fingolfin is given three children, but his wife is not mentioned in the genealogy. In later name revisions, circa 1970, the name Alairë was given to the wife of Turgon, and it was later changed to Anairë.

Is Anairë Elenwë’s wife?

In that text, Anairë was defined as a Vanya who remained in the city of Tirion upon Túna, but it was later corrected to the version which had Elenwë ‘who perished in the Ice’. Anairë, which was written on the same table for the same time period as Elenwë, was noted as the wife of Fingolfin, with the note that she ‘remained in Aman’. :323

What happened to the Peace of Valinor?

However, the peace of Valinor was brought to an end when Melkor, the most powerful of the Valar and the source of evil in Arda, was released from imprisonment.

Why did Fëanor seek revenge on Melkor?

In his pride, grief, anger, and selfishness, Fëanor sought revenge upon Melkor (now named Morgoth), and attempted to convince the rest of the Ñoldor to assist him by convincing them that journeying to Middle-earth would bring them glories and treasures untold.

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