Who does Marisol end up with in Season 4?

Who does Marisol end up with in Season 4?

Peter finds Marisol and proposes to her and she accepts. Zoila gets her job back at Genevieve’s and they promise no more meddling, just as Genevieve leaves for date with Lori, saying she should try a wife this time. Rosie reveals to Spence she is pregnant. One year later, everyone is at Marisol and Pete’s wedding.

Is there a Devious Maids Season 5?

Devious Maids Season 5 Updates: Lifetime Network’s “Devious Maids” will not comeback for Season 5, with the channel electing to discontinue the show following the end of Season FOUR.

Where can I watch Devious Maids Season 4?

Watch Devious Maids Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Who does Zoila end up with in Devious Maids?

As she’ll be gone for six months though, Zoila starts to pass herself off as the owner of the house, which gets her into a relationship with a man named Kyle.

Is Devious Maids a spin off of Desperate Housewives?

When Desperate Housewives ended in 2012, creator Marc Cherry launched a new series in a similar vein titled Devious Maids. Like Cherry’s previous work, this show is a comedy-drama and mystery series.

Where can we watch devious maids?

Right now you can watch Devious Maids on Hulu Plus. You are able to stream Devious Maids by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video. You are able to stream Devious Maids for free on Tubi.

How many seasons are in devious maids?

Devious Maids/Number of seasons

It originally aired on Lifetime for four seasons from June 23, 2013 to August 8, 2016. Set in Beverly Hills, California, Devious Maids followed the lives of four Latina maids working for the area’s wealthiest and most powerful families.

Does Rosie find out about Ernesto?

Rosie goes to visit Ernesto and tell him that she knows he was the one who let Hector in to kidnap Katy. She also figure out that he wasn’t a hostage of the cartel because he was working for them. He tells Rosie the truth about working for them in order to keep her and Miguel safe.

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