Who does Morishima Haruka end up with?

Who does Morishima Haruka end up with?

Junichi hugs her and assures her he has not and both of them declare their love for each other. In the epilogue ten years later, Hibiki visits Haruka and Junichi, now a happily married couple.

Who is the MC of amagami?

Junichi Tachibana
Junichi Tachibana (橘 純一, Tachibana Junichi) is the protagonist of the anime series and video game Amagami. Two years ago, he went out for a Christmas date with a girl that he’d recently confessed to.

Do Rin and Haru end up together for Free?

Rin survived but decided to break up with Haru because she was afraid Akito would do the same or worse to him if they stayed together. Throughout the anime, Haru tries to help Rin and find out the real reason she left him. Rin’s inner monologue about him is particularly heart-breaking.

Who does Ritsu Sohma end up with?

When Ritsu tells this to Kagura Sohma, the latter teases Ritsu by asking when the two of them are getting married, visibly flustering Ritsu. In a bonus story in the first fan-book, Ritsu and Mitsuru are a couple. Mitsuru states that she is unsure of Ritsu’s gender, but still wants to be with him regardless.

What is Morishima’s nationality?

She is a quarter British from her mother’s side of the family. Her middle name is “Lovely” which was given by her British grandfather. Her arc is the first in the anime. Best End: Morishima reserves a hotel room on the pretext that Tachibana will be meeting her parents. Her parents aren’t there. She takes a shower and comes out in a towel.

Who is Jessica in Amagami SS+ plus?

Morishima “Sexy” Jessica) is a minor character of Amagami SS+ plus. She came to Japan to go sight seeing and also to take back Haruka Morishima (Jessica’s cousin) into England in one week vacation prior to their grandparent’s request without Junichi Tachibana knowing the truth.

What happens to Tachibana and Morishima in the end?

Morishima sees Tachibana less of a cute kouhai and more of a reliable man. Bad End: She is crushed. It’s one thing to reject guys but she would never betray them like Tachibana does to her. Many years later, Tachibana is a salary man whose company is bought out by another. His new boss turns out to be Morishima.

Does Jessica look like Haruka Morishima?

Jessica really looks exactly like Haruka Morishima except that Jessica has blond hair that has a white headband with bangs swaying in a different direction than Haruka’s bangs. Jessica somewhat has a similar personality to Haruka Morishima; a playful and outgoing girl.

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