Who does the voice of TJ in Recess?

Who does the voice of TJ in Recess?

Ross MalingerRecess
Andrew LawrenceRecessMyles JeffreyRecess
Theodore J. ‘T.J.’ Detweiler/Voiced by

Who voices Spinelli on recess?

Pamela AdlonRecess
Ashley Spinelli/Voiced by

Was Spinelli black?

Spinelli is Italian-American.

Why did Disney stop making Recess?

The season ran short because the show hit its 65th episode, and due to Disney’s rule regarding the number of episodes a show has, Recess ended. The season was not originally planned, but due to the success of Recess: School’s Out in theaters, the show was renewed for one more season.

What does the J in TJ stand for?

Theodore Jasper “T.J.” Detweiler is the protagonist and leader of the Recess Gang in the TV show Recess.

What is TJ Detweiler real name?

T.J. Detweiler. Theodore Jasper “T.J.”. Detweiler is the protagonist and leader of the main characters in the TV show Recess .

Why did Ross Malinger and Andrew Lawrence stop playing TJ?

Ross Malinger played him for all of Season One and a few episodes of Season Two, ending with ” Outcast Ashley “. Starting from ” The Game “, Andrew Lawrence played him due to Ross Malinger going through puberty and no longer sounded like T.J., and played him until the end of the series.

What is TJ’s real name in the dub?

T.J.’s character design resembles Ralphie Tennelli from Scholastic’s The Magic School Bus. In the Swedish dub, his first name is changed to “Tobias” (a.k.a. Tobbe), which is also the first name of his Swedish voice actor.

What is TJ’s favorite TV show?

In the Italian dub, T.J.’s favorite show is mentioned to be Darkwing Duck. According to Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere, T.J. is described being “a funny looking little guy with a lot of charisma”. According to ” To Finster with Love “; T.J. weighs 76 pounds.

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