Who has Starfox slept with?

Who has Starfox slept with?

10 STARFOX During this trial, She-Hulk believed Starfox used his powers on her while he was in the Avengers to influence her to sleep with him. It turned out he didn’t, and she slept with him of her own will. However, he did manipulate her feelings to make her fall in love with John Jameson.

Who did she-hulk sleep with?

During her tenure with the Fantastic Four, She-Hulk met and started a romance with Wyatt Wingfoot. One day, she had to prevent a radiation leak in a downed S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. This radiation exposure had a drastic effect on Jennifer: she could no longer transform back into her original human form.

Is there any romance in Justice League?

The primary DC super-team Justice League has as many strange romances in the comics over the years, involving relationships between team members and outside the group as well. Given the many iterations of the superheroes as well as the many different universes of DC Comics, some of them get very strange indeed.

Does Hulk sleep with She-Hulk?

11 He Had an Incestuous Relationship with She-Hulk In “Basic Instinct” from 2000’s Incredible Hulk Annual, the Avengers head out on one of their routine missions to stop Hulk from smashing things.

Who is Wonder Woman’s boyfriend Batman or Superman?

Sure, she’s dated Batman in the Justice League Animated Series, but she always rekindles her love her Steve Trevor. But now, let’s discuss the love story of the one Superman who only ever loved Wonder Woman, the original Superman from the New-52.

Who is Thor in love with?

Portman played scientist and Thor love interest Jane Foster in Thor and Thor: The Dark World, though did not appear in Thor: Ragnarok (it was explained that the pair had broken up); her character did pop up as a cameo in Avengers: Endgame.

Do Steve and Natasha get together?

While Steve and Natasha are never together in canon, this relationship might have made more sense than the relationships these two actually have. Steve ends up with Peggy, and he has to break the rules of time travel and even act out of character to do so.

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