Who has the best defensive stats in the NFL?

Who has the best defensive stats in the NFL?

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Rank Team Yds /Gm
1 Bills 272.76
2 Panthers 305.94
3 49ers 310
4 Patriots 310.82

Who has the best defense in the nfl 2022?

Early 2022 Fantasy Defense Rankings

Rank Player
1 New England Patriots
2 Buffalo Bills
3 Indianapolis Colts
4 New Orleans Saints

What is the Number 1 defense in NFL?

The Bills
The Bills are the No. 1 team in a number of defensive categories and are allowing just a 68.8 passer rating — almost 10 points lower than the next best team.

Who has the number 2 defense in the NFL?

Arizona Cardinals
2. Arizona Cardinals (No Change)

Which NFL team has the best defense?

– Jacksonville Jaguars. – Los Angeles Rams. – Minnesota Vikings. – Philadelphia Eagles. – Houston Texans.

What are the NFL defensive rankings?

Fletcher Cox,Philadelphia. Now the all-time leader in sacks (44.5) and Pro Bowl appearances (four) for an Eagles defensive tackle.

  • Chris Jones,Kansas City. Ascended to the ranks of the NFL’s elite interior pass rushers in 2018,which is a distinction that shouldn’t change even with his pending move
  • DeForest Buckner,San Francisco.
  • What is the worst NFL team?

    Cincinnati Bengals: 8-24

  • Arizona Cardinals: 8-23-1
  • Detroit Lions: 9-22-1
  • New York Giants: 9-23
  • Washington Football Team: 10-22
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: 11-21
  • New York Jets: 11-21
  • Carolina Panthers: 12-20
  • Miami Dolphins: 12-20
  • Cleveland Browns: 13-18
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