Who has the top 10 IQs?

Who has the top 10 IQs?

What Is The Highest IQ In The World Ever Recorded?

  • What is IQ?
  • Stephen Hawking (IQ Score: 160)
  • Paul Allen (IQ Score: 160-170)
  • Albert Einstein (IQ Score: 160-190)
  • Judit Polgar (IQ Score: 170)
  • John H. Sununu (IQ Score: 180)
  • Philip Emeagwali (IQ Score: 190)
  • Mislav Predavec (IQ Score: 190)

What is the top 1% IQ?

A percentile score of 99% means that you are in the top 1%, a percentile score of 98% puts you in the top 2% and so on. Mensa membership is offered to anyone who can demonstrate an IQ in the top two per cent from any recognised IQ test.

What celebrity has an IQ of 120?

Famous People & Celebrities with High IQs

First Name Last Name IQ Score
Tom Brady 126
Drew Brees 116
Jordana Brewster 120
Jordana Brewster 130

Who has the top 5 IQs in the world?

Highest IQs in the World Ever

  • Johann Goethe. Johann Goethe was a German polymath who lived in the 1800s and his estimated IQ score ranged from 210 to 225.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • James Maxwell.
  • Nicolaus Copernicus.
  • William Sidis.
  • Carl Gauss.
  • Nikola Tesla.
  • Voltaire.

What actors have the highest IQ?

James Woods has the highest IQ on this list. He was accepted into MIT on a full scholarship. He got a near perfect score on his SATs with a 800 in verbal and 779 in math. 2. Dolph Lundgren – IQ 160.

What celebrity has a high IQ?

Albert Einstein. Despite being a college dropout, Parade Magazine columnist and author Marilyn vos Savant ( see photos) may have the highest IQ ever recorded and is honored by the Guinness Book of World Records for this fact.

What is the highest IQ you can possibly have?

The highest IQ possible in the world based on theory is 200, although some people have been known to have an IQ of above 200. Let’s discuss how that’s possible below. Everyone with an IQ score higher than 110 is lucky enough to have an above average intelligence.

Who has the highest IQ that is still alive?

The one who has had the highest recorded IQ in history as of current is William James Sidis. Hes estimated IQ were around 250. Some even believe he had a staggering 300 IQ! The highest IQ recorded from a person still living today is awarded to Terence Tao with an IQ score of 225 to 230!

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