Who is Bic Sport?

Who is Bic Sport?

Founded in 1979 by the Bich family, of BIC pen fame, BIC Sport grew from the family’s passion for watersports and expertise in sustainable manufacturing. 83 x 37 x 16 inches

What kind of boat is a Sportyak 213?

The BIC Sport Sportyak 213 is a versatile Dinghy/Tender. It comes complete with 2 Oars, 3 Oarlocks/Brackets, a Bowline and can hold up to 2 people. Constructed out of tough Polyethylene, the Sportyak 213 is tremendously durable and virtually maintenance free.

Will the Sportyak 245 work with an outboard motor?

The Sportyak 245 is fitted with wide rollers integrated into the design of the hull which do not affect in any way the boat’s performance on water, whether it is being rowed or powered by an outboard engine.

Are Sportyak boats recyclable?

The Sportyak 213 and the Sportyak 245 are made of polyethylene which makes them virtually indestructible. You don’t have to worry about leaving them in dinghy racks or on the beach. UV rays, salt and every day impacts have no effect on them. When no longer in use, these boats are entirely recyclable.

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