Who is Brad-Chem?

Who is Brad-Chem?

Brad-Chem supplies and manufactures speciality lubricant additives, multi metal corrosion inhibitors, copper passivators, solid lubricants and dispersions for the lubricants, cleaning, deicing, and water treatment industries. The Brad-Chem range of speciality products are developed in our own R & D laboratories.

What is Brad-Chem 353?

Brad-Chem 353 also gives excellent results in Polyalkylene Glycols (PAGs). Liquid blend of phenolic and aminic antioxidants designed for mineral oil and synthetic basestocks. Particularly suitable for high temperature and chain oils applications the product is approved for incidental food contact applications under CFR 21 Part 178.3570.

What is Brad-Chem 600 series?

The Brad-Chem 600 Series products are designed for a range of metalworking fluid applications. A specially formulated, multifunctional additive blend for the use in biodegradable vegetable oil lubricants, as well as mineral oil and synthetic ester based lubricants.

What is Brad-Chem 557?

Brad-Chem 557 is a corrosion inhibitor super concentrate package for making ASTM D 3306 antifreeze concentrates and RTU. Additionally, engine coolants made with Brad-Chem 557 meet the requirements of many international and OEM standards.

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