Who is Dale Mabry in Florida?

Who is Dale Mabry in Florida?

Dale Mabry (March 22, 1891 – February 21, 1922) was an American World War I aviator. Mabry, a native of Tallahassee, Florida, was the son of former Florida Supreme Court Justice Milton H. Mabry and Ella Dale Bramlett. He went on to become an airship pilot and captain in the United States Army Air Service.

How long is Dale Mabry Highway?

22.64 mi
Dale Mabry Highway/Length

Where is Dale Mabry?


Dale Mabry Highway
I-275 in Tampa
North end US 41 in Land o’ Lakes
Counties Hillsborough, Pasco

Who is Dale Mabry Highway named after?

Capt. Dale Mabry
At the dawn of aviation, pilots were revered. When the first segment of a road connecting Drew Field (now the site of Tampa International Airport) with MacDill Field (now MacDill Air Force Base) was completed in the early 1940s, it was named in honor of Capt. Dale Mabry.

Who is Bruce B Downs Tampa FL?

Downs Boulevard. Bruce Barkley Downs was a man who loved roads, wrote Times writer Emily Nipps in a 2007 profile. Downs spent nearly three decades with the Florida Transportation Department before working as Hillsborough County’s deputy public works administrator.

Who is Fowler Ave named after?

Maud Fowler
Tampa’s Fowler Avenue is said to be named after Maud Fowler, a businesswoman and real estate owner who helped found Temple Terrace. Also known as M.C. Fowler, Maud is described in Times archives as “an ‘imposing’ 6-foot woman with a bankroll and plenty of business acumen.”

What happened on Bruce B Downs?

TAMPA, Fla. – A vehicle crashed and turned upside down in the median of Interstate 75, closing several lanes just north of Tampa for about 30 minutes Tuesday afternoon. The crash happened just before 4 p.m. near the Bruce B. Downs exit. Two lanes of traffic reopened around 4:20 p.m.

Where do Millennials live in Tampa?

If you’re looking for hot spots for singles and young professionals, check out these five top Tampa neighborhoods!

  • Channel District.
  • Courier City-Oscawana.
  • Downtown.
  • Historic Ybor.
  • North Hyde Park.

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