Who is ignignazio Danti?

Who is ignignazio Danti?

Ignazio (Egnation or Egnazio) Danti, O.P. (April 1536 – 10 October 1586 ), born Pellegrino Rainaldi Danti, was an Italian Roman Catholic prelate, mathematician, astronomer, and cosmographer, who served as Bishop of Alatri (1583–1586). Danti was born in Perugia in 1536 to a family of artists and scientists.

How many maps did Danti paint?

Over the next dozen years, Danti painted 30 maps of regions of the world (based largely upon published prints by Giacomo Gastaldi, Abraham Ortelius, Gerardus Mercator, and others) upon the cabinet doors of the Guardaroba.

Who was Ignazio Danti’s brother?

His older brother Vincenzo Danti became one of the leading court sculptors of late-sixteenth-century Florence, while his younger brother Girolamo Danti (1547–1580) became a local painter. Danti entered the Dominican Order on 7 March 1555, changing his baptismal name from Pellegrino to Ignazio.

Where did Danti live in Florence?

For much of his time in Florence, Danti resided at the convent of Santa Maria Novella, and designed the quadrant and the armillary sphere that appear on the end blind arches of the lower facade of the church in 1572 and 1574, on the right and left respectively.

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