Who is Philippe Starck?

Who is Philippe Starck?

French designer Philippe Starck thought it his duty to invent, growing up under the direction of his aeronautic engineer father.

How does Philippe Starck design objects?

When Philippe Starck is asked to design an object, be it a lamp, chair, flyswatter or bidet, he doesn’t think about its design. He begins by imagining a person using the object, and how the object will look, feel, move, sound, smell.

Who is the creator of the Starck floor lamp?

Created by Phillippe Starck, this striking floor lamp illuminates a love of literature by proudly displaying your most beloved books. Creative expression meets cutting edge technology in this ethereal light.

Inventor, creator, architect, designer, artistic director, Philippe Starck is certainly all of the above, but more than anything he is an honest man directly descended from the Renaissance artists. “My father was an aeronautical engineer. For me, that made invention a duty”.

What is Starck Paris?

In 2016 Philippe Starck presents Starck Paris, a first collection of perfumes made in collaboration with three master perfumers: Daphné Bugey, Annick Ménardo and Dominique Ropion. His work on the fragrances proposes an “exploration through us, of elsewhere, of the unconscious.”

What makes Philippe Starck’s Ma Cocotte unique?

With the external architecture of the restaurant Ma Cocotte, Philippe Starck pays tribute to the typical buildings of the neighbourhood and its inhabitants, a kingdom of market traders whose authenticity and effervescence has long fascinated him. It’s a lifestyle he has endeavoured to reproduce with this comfortable and welcoming place.

How to create a luxury interior design by Philippe Starck?

If you want to create a luxury interior design living room this trick used by Philippe Starck can guarantee you the success: choose two colors and use only them in the entire room design! Room Decor Ideas brings you another example of a home office with a luxury interior design by Philippe Starck.

Why does Philippe Starck redesign the world?

Perhaps this is one of the reasons his son, Philippe, is accustomed to redesigning our world. The young Starck started to show signs of an unusual eye for design from an early age.

What is Starck’s design design?

Design exists for Philippe Starck solely through its militant and political status, in other words through its capacity to be useful, to help, even modestly, people’s lives. His designs aim to serve more than the object; they aim to offer the best possible service while using the minimum of materials.

What does creation mean to Philippe Starck?

The emergence of a new space, restaurant, bar or hotel is always an occasion for Philippe Starck to consider the meaning of creation in depth: the sense of a space within its environment, the sense and sentiment of a place for the tribes who inhabit it, the sense of a project, regardless of its size, within human evolution.

Is Starck an architect or designer?

Although he considers himself no more an architect than designer, in the early 1980s Philippe Starck designed several buildings in Japan, with forms previously unseen. The first was in Tokyo, completed in 1989, and is striking in its originality.

Citrus-squeezer in aluminium casting. Philippe Starck, world famous creator with multifaceted inventiveness, is always focused on the essential, his vision: that creation, whatever form it takes, must improve the lives of as many people as possible.

Is the design of the Juicer head clever?

This piece of design follows form over function. At first glance, however, one would think that the design of the juicer head is clever, the shape combined with the ridges would make the liquid trickle down into a glass below with ease. Both ends of the juicer head could also be used to get the most out of the fruit you juice.

Who is the designer of Juicy Salif?

Details One of the first projects by French designer, Philippe Starck for Alessi. The Juicy Salif was devised in the second half of the 1980s (along with the Walter Wayle II wall clock, the Hot Bertaa kettle and the large Max le Chinois colander).

Are juicy salif Juicers any good?

The Juicy Salif as an everyday fruit juicer is not functional. Its design is not genius in terms of usability. And at this point, it is clear that if you are after a juicer that actually juices your fruit, go with a conventional cheap juicer. It will work far better.

What does Philippe Starck’s interior design for Magis look like?

This poetry is echoed in the furniture designer for Magis, with tables which look as though they might take off or escape on their wheels and a dog with a knowing look. Finally Philippe Starck revealed the sofas My World (Cassina) “a cocoon, a niche, a world” and Ray (Dedon), comfortable and timeless.

Who is Jean Starck?

Starck has designed everything from his famous “ghost chair” to a $150 million yacht for Steve Jobs. And yet, in addition to his incredible designs, Starck continues to be one captivating character. To highlight this marvelous personality, we have put together a list of five things you may not know about this flamboyant designer.

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