Who is Raposo?

Who is Raposo?

Raposo was classically trained as a conductor and at the École Normale in Paris as an arranger. As a student of Nadia Boulanger in Paris, he extended his facility in piano technique.

Is Raposo a good composer?

Raposo also evidenced skill as an American funk composer, making frequent and arguably credible musical allusions (on 1970–1974 Sesame Street) to the underground black soul and funk performers of his day.

Where did Raposo work before and after Sesame Street?

Raposo worked in musical theater both before and after his work for the Children’s Television Workshop and Sesame Street; musical theater was where he first encountered future collaborator Jim Henson.

What does Raposo mean by “psychological dress up”?

Such introspection resulted from Raposo’s songwriting methods, a process he called “psychological dress-up”: “ When you write songs, music and lyrics, you’re always putting on somebody else’s clothes. The degree to which you’re able to dress up and counterfeit yourself as this person, that’s as good as you are as a writer.


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