Who is Stamos son?

Who is Stamos son?

Billy Stamos
John Stamos/Sons

How old is John Stamos?

58 years (August 19, 1963)
John Stamos/Age

Who was Stamos first wife?

Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn
Occupation Actress model
Years active 1988–present
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Spouse(s) John Stamos ​ ​ ( m. 1998; div. 2005)​ Jerry O’Connell ​ ( m. 2007)​

How old is Caitlin Mchugh?

35 years (May 13, 1986)
Caitlin McHugh/Age

How old is John Amos?

82 years (December 27, 1939)
John Amos/Age

What ethnicity is John Stamos wife?

She is of Irish and Filipino ancestry.

Who is Jerry O’Connor married to?

model Rebecca Romijn
In case you didn’t know, Jerry is married to model Rebecca Romijn, who was also married to John from 1998-2005.

What does Caitlin McHugh do?

Caitlin McHugh/Professions

What does Caitlin McHugh do for a living? McHugh has her own extensive career. She is a model, signed to Wilhelmina Models, and an actor, having starring roles in films like I Am Legend and on tv shows like The Vampire Diaries. The actor also has a partnership with My Saint My Hero jewelry to fight against child abuse.

How did Jimmy Kimmel react to Bob Saget’s death?

Jimmy Kimmel struggled to keep his composure during a heartfelt tribute to his friend and fellow comedian Bob Saget on his late-night show Monday. Kimmel began his broadcast by acknowledging the tragic news that Saget was found dead in a hotel room in Florida on Sunday at age 65.

Is John Stamos ready to say goodbye to Bob Saget?

(Steve Cohn / Invision/Associated Press) John Stamos is “not ready to say goodbye” to his longtime friend and “Full House” co-star Bob Saget, who was found dead Sunday in a hotel room in Orlando, Fla.

Who did Jimmy Kimmel eulogize on’the view’?

Jimmy Kimmel shared a clip of Bob Saget and John Stamos on his show to eulogize his late friend. (Randy Holmes/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images)

What happened to Jimmy Kimmel’s voice?

Kimmel broke once again, looking down at the floor as his voice cracked while he remembered going through old emails between him and Saget upon hearing news of his death.

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