Who is the current HEC Chairman?

Who is the current HEC Chairman?

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Agency overview
Motto Facilitating Institutes of higher learning to serve as an Engine of Growth for the Socio-Economic Development of Pakistan
Annual budget ₨. 102.4 billion
Agency executives Chairman Dr. Shaista Sohail, Executive Director
Website hec.gov.pk

Who is executive director HEC?

Dr. Shaista Sohail
Dr. Shaista Sohail, Executive Director HEC’s Message on Independence Day of Pakistan edutv.hec.gov.pk/latest-recorde…

How do I email Hec?

  1. Please contact below address for your queries.
  2. Address : Higher Education Commission.
  3. Phone : +92.
  4. Fax :
  5. Email : [email protected].

Who is minister of education in Pakistan?

Shafqat Mahmood
Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood presents an authority advice of Rs.

When did Pakistan education start?

Pakistan traces its history of education to the advent of Islam and Islamic/Arabic culture to the Indian subcontinent with the invasion of Muhammad bin Qasim in Sind in 712 A.D..

Who is Secretary Higher Education Punjab?

Syed Javed Iqbal Bokhari

Syed Javed Iqbal Bokhari Aug 2021- To Date Nadeem Mahbub Dec 2020 – July 2021
Irum Bukhari Dec 2020 – Dec 2020 (Addl. Charge) Oct 2020 – Dec 2020 (Addl. Chief Secretary) Sep 2020 – Oct 2020 Apr 2015 – Aug 2015 Muhammad Naeem Ghaus Aug 2020 – Sep 2020 (Addl. Charge)

Where is HEC in Pakistan?

Higher Education Commission, Head Office Islamabad.

Where is HEC main office?

Islamabad, Pakistan
Higher Education Commission/Headquarters

Who is the education minister of Punjab Pakistan?

Murad Raas is a Pakistani politician who is the current Provincial Minister of Punjab for School Education, is in office since 27 August 2018….Murad Raas.

Murad Rass
Personal details
Born 6 June 1969 Gujrat
Nationality Pakistani
Political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

What is 12th class called in Pakistan?

Higher Secondary School Certificate
Pakistan. The Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC), also known as Intermediate, is a public examination taken by the students of Higher Secondary School or Intermediate college (Junior college) in Pakistan.

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