Who is the DRM of Danapur?

Who is the DRM of Danapur?

Important Officials

Designation Name MTNL Fax
PCMM 06224-274340
CPRO Rajesh Kumar 06224-277010
DRM/Danapur Prabhat Kumar 06115-232465
ADRM/Infra/Danapur Mahesh Kumar Rai 06115-232523

Who is DRM of Mumbai division?

Mumbai Central DRM Shri G.V.L. Satyakumar Vadodara DRM Shri Amit Gupta
Ahmedabad DRM Shri Tarun Jain Ratlam DRM Shri Vineet Gupta
Rajkot DRM Shri Anil Kumar Jain Bhavnagar DRM Shri Manoj Goyal

Who is the DRM of railway?

Divisional Railway Managers
The Railway Board has issued orders to appoint 33 new Divisional Railway Managers (DRM) out of its 68 divisions….Posting orders of 33 DRM’s.

Railway ECR
Division Danapur
Incoming DRM Prabhat Kumar
Service IRTS
Outgoing DRM Sunil Kumar

Who is the DRM of Nagpur division?

Smt. Richa Khare

Designation Name
DRM Smt. Richa Khare email : [email protected]
ADRM (Admin) ADRM (Operation) ADRM (Technical) Manoj Tiwari Vacant Jay Singh
Chief Public Relations Inspector Ram Paul Barpagga

Who is the GM of Hajipur?

Anupam Sharma
Anupam Sharma has assumed charge as General Manager, Hajipur head-quartered East Central Railway. Prior to this, he was the Additional General Manager of South Eastern Railway. An officer of the Indian Railways Service of Mechanical Engineers (IRSME), Sharma has 35 years of service in Indian Railways.

Who is the DRM of Central Railway Mumbai?

Shalabh Goel
Important Officials

Designation Name Rly. Office
CPRO Shivaji Sutar 010-54004
DRM(Mumbai) Shalabh Goel 010-55000
ADRM(Mumbai) H.G.Tiwari 010-55002
DRM-BSL S.S.Kedia 011-55000

Who is Richa Khare?

Richa Khare – Financial Adviser and Chief Accounts Officer ( Workshop raffic) – INDIAN RAILWAYS | LinkedIn.

Who is Lalit Chandra Trivedi?

Lalit Chandra Trivedi, General Manager, East Central Railway, retired from railway service on June 30, 2021 after rendering excellent service to the Railways for more than 40 years. His 40 years of experience in the railways proved to be very effective, so that he suggested staying connected with the rail.

What is the qualification of DRM?

The qualifications for being a DRM: 1)He/she is an officer in either of the 8 organized group A services of Indian Railway. 2)He/she should be below 52 years of age. 3)He/she should have normally put up around 22-25 years of group A service in Indian Railway.

What is the name of Hajipur Jn railway station?

Hajipur Jn Railway station is in Vaishali district making it an important railway station in the Indian state of Bihar. The station code name of Hajipur Jn is ‘HJP’.

What is the PIN code of DRM office Hajipur?

Pin code of Drm Office Hajipur is 844101. Drm Office Hajipur Indian post office is located in Drm Office Hajipur, Hajipur, Vaishali, Vaishali. Vaishali is one of the famous district in BIHAR state.

What is included in headquarter/Hajipur?

Headquarter/Hajipur includes all units/staff based in Patna i.e. Construction MHX, RRB,RRC,RCT,WP,Law Office, CSSH 7. Carriage Repair Workshop/ Harnaut

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