Who is vgm?

Who is vgm?

Founded in 1986 as a group purchasing organization for independent home medical equipment providers, VGM combined its expertise and history to expand both its programs and focus for its membership communities. We are headquartered in Waterloo, Iowa, where nearly 85 percent of our more than 1,000 associates are based.

What does Jim Nygren do at VGM?

Jim Nygren is the chief financial officer of VGM Group, Inc. and steward of accounting and treasury operation. He’s the lead financial voice of the company and provides vital strategic, analytical, and financial perspectives for the VGM family of businesses.

How many providers use VGM?

Over 2,500 providers with nearly 7,000 locations rely on VGM to connect them to valuable resources every single day. Join Your Community! VGM was founded on the premise that personal connections create growth and opportunity.

Who is Sara laures VGM group?

Sara Laures is the chief people officer for VGM Group, Inc. where she oversees people and culture strategy, human resources, talent acquisition, organizational development, and facilities management, and manages corporate projects that support the success of VGM’s multiple businesses and its employees.

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