Who made the song Jimmy Mack?

Who made the song Jimmy Mack?

Laura Nyro
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When did song Jimmy Mack come out?

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What year was Jimmy Mac a hit?

from the album Watchout! “Jimmy Mack” is a pop/soul song that in 1967 became a hit single by Martha and the Vandellas for Motown’s Gordy imprint.

Who is Jimmy Mac?

Show Host / Producer. Jimmy “Mac” McInerney is an award-winning Chicago area radio professional and freelance audio producer. Jimmy has worked with the best of the best in the talk radio industry serving as producer for shows hosted by some of the elite in the biz.

What happened to Martha and the Vandellas?

The group disbanded in 1972, but Reeves continues to perform as the Vandellas with two of her sisters, Lois and Delphine Reeves, singing hits like “Dancing in the Streets,” “Quicksand” and “Nowhere to Run.” In 1994, Reeves also published a memoir, Dancing in the Streets: Confessions of a Motown Diva.

What album is Jimmy Mack on?

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Why did Martha Reeves leave Motown?

But she didn’t leave because she was overworked. Rather, one of her final acts as A&R secretary was to type up her own recording contract, giving Martha and the Vandellas the opportunity to become one of Motown’s most valuable musical assets.

Which Motown artist started at Motown as a receptionist?

She Was Initially Hired as a Secretary Martha Reeves became the lead singer and driving force of the Vandellas. But in 1961 she was an aspiring young solo vocalist whose dreams seemed about to come true when she was hired by Motown—except that she was hired not as a singer, but as a secretary!

What kind of song is Jimmy Mack?

“Jimmy Mack” is a pop/soul song that in 1967 became a hit single by Martha and the Vandellas for Motown’s Gordy imprint.

Who wrote Jimmy Mack by the Vandellas?

Written and produced by Motown’s main creative team, Holland–Dozier–Holland, “Jimmy Mack” was the final Top 10 pop hit for the Vandellas in the United States, peaking at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1967 and at number-one on the Billboard R&B Singles chart.

Was Jimmy Mack a hit in Britain?

“Jimmy Mack” was also a hit in Britain reaching number 21. The song had been included on the Vandellas’ LP Watchout!, issued a month before the single release. For nearly forty years, “Jimmy Mack” was presented in either monaural sound or in a mix culled from an alternate take.

When did Jimmy Mack by Motown come out?

Published on Jun 20, 2009. Originally recorded in 1964 but rejected by Motown’s quality control, “Jimmy Mack'” was finally released in 1967 and became a worldwide hit and is now considered one of Motown’s golden classics. This is the mono release version.

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