Who makes Sta-Rite filters?

Who makes Sta-Rite filters?

Pentair Inc.
Sta-Rite is a branch of Pentair Inc., a company that has a reputation for durable, reliable swimming pool equipment. Sta-Rite pool filters are available in the three main types of pool filters: Cartridge, diatomaceous earth, and sand.

Where are Sta-Rite pumps manufactured?

The new European Sta-Rite line for residential water supply and water disposal will be manufactured in Italy/Pisa.

Is Sta-Rite a good pool pump?

Reliable and Versatile Pool Pump for Aboveground Pools Sta-Rite OptiFlo Pump has exceptionally quiet operation and high-flow performance. The Sta-Rite OptiFlo Pump line also now includes models that comply with updated Department of Energy (DOE) regulations for energy efficiency standards.

Where is Sta-Rite pumps made?

How do you turn on a sta rite pump?

On the pump panel near the Sta-Rite logo in the bottom left hand corner you’ll see a “start/stop” button. Make sure its in “stop”, or off mode.

What is quick clean on pool pump?

The pump is equipped with a Quick Clean feature, which can be engaged to temporarily run at higher or lower speeds ranging from 300 to 3450 RPM. At the end of a Quick Clean cycle, the pump will automatically return to the appropriate point in its programmed schedule.

Why choose the Pentair supermax vs pump?

All pumps from Pentair Aquatic Systems incorporate innovative hydraulic engineering that has been refined for over 40 years. Compact, rugged, and easy to maintain, the SuperMax VS pump will deliver years of reliable service. SuperMax VS Pump Controller Features

Why choose a supermax® vs variable speed pump?

The perfect choice for all types of pools, the SuperMax® VS Variable Speed Pump was specifically designed to be your best choice for a variety of in-ground pools. Thick walled body parts, a heavy duty TEFC motor, and highly engineered hydraulics make this rugged and tested design perfect for any pool, spa, water feature, or fountain.

What is priming mode enabled on a supermax pump?

SUPERMAX® ariabl t This pump is shipped with Priming mode ENABLED. Unless the Priming settings are changed in the menu, be aware that the pump will speed up to the priming speed when the pump is powered on for the first time, and the start/stop button is pressed.

What happens if you run a supermax pump dry?

® ariabl t SUPERMAX® ariabl t DO NOT run the pump dry. If the pump is run dry, the mechanical seal will be damaged and the pump will start leaking. If this occurs, the damaged seal must be replaced.

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