Who owns the Cunard Building NYC?

Who owns the Cunard Building NYC?

Upon completion, the Cunard Building was almost fully leased to tenants of various industries. The Twenty-five Broadway Corporation, a Cunard Line affiliate, owned the building until the 1960s….Cunard Building (New York City)

Cunard Building
Opened May 2, 1921
Client Cunard Line
Height 254.74 feet (77.64 m)
Technical details

What is the Port of Liverpool building used for?

The Port of Liverpool building was constructed at the very start of the 20th Century. It was the headquarters of Mersey Docks and Harbour Board (MDHB) for 87 years – purpose built for them in fact – until the company relocated to new premises at Seaforth Dock.

Who owns Port of Liverpool building?


Port of Liverpool Building
Completed 1907
Cost £250,000
Owner Downing
Height 220 feet (67 m)

What are the Three Graces in Liverpool used for?

It is assumed this group of buildings are named after the mythological Greek ‘Three Graces’, who were the goddesses of charm, beauty and creativity.

Where is the Cunard Building in New York?

Cunard Building (New York City) Jump to navigation Jump to search. New York City Landmark. The Cunard Building, also known as the Standard & Poors Building, is a 22-story office building located at 25 Broadway in Lower Manhattan’s Financial District, which opened on May 2, 1921.

Where is the Cunard Building in Greenwich Village?

The Cunard Building is a 22-story building, bounded by the Bowling Green Offices Building (11 Broadway) to the south, Broadway to the east, Greenwich Street to the west, and Morris Street to the north. It is located across from Bowling Green Park to the southeast, and 26 Broadway and the Charging Bull sculpture to the east.

When did Cunard Line move out of the Great Hall?

The Twenty-five Broadway Corporation, a Cunard Line affiliate, owned the building until the 1960s. The Great Hall was vacated after the Cunard Line moved out in 1968; the United States Postal Service occupied the Great Hall from 1974 until 2000, and Cipriani S.A. started using the space in 2014.

What is the Cunard Building made of?

The Cunard Building’s main facade, on Broadway, is made of limestone and consists of three horizontal sections. The design employs setbacks and open ” light courts ” as mandated by the 1916 Zoning Resolution.

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