Who played Jamie Palamino?

Who played Jamie Palamino?

Amy SmartJust Friends
Jamie Palamino/Played by
Amy Smart. The former model portrayed Jamie Palamino, who was best friends with Chris, but never thought of him anything other than a pal. She went on to star in 12 Dates of Christmas, Bad Country, The Single Moms Club, Love at First Glance, The Brawler and 13 Minutes.

Will there be a just friends 2?

And now, we’ve received word that a sequel is in development, with the Canadian actor set to return and reprise his role. Unfortunately, we don’t have much more to share at the moment, but Just Friends 2 is indeed happening and as soon as we learn where the sequel will take us, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Does Britney Spears play in just friends?

Ultimately Reynolds is endearing, but Anna Faris is the bigger revelation playing budding pop star Samantha (Britney Spears meets Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction). It’s not subtle – in fact, at times it’s plain unwieldy – but Just Friends is still big on laughs.

Who played Tim in just friends?

Ty Olsson
Just Friends (2005) – Ty Olsson as Tim – IMDb.

How old is Chris Brander in Just Friends?

The Plot. Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds) is quite the attractive young and successful agent in the music business. At 27, he is working for an LA agency, living the yuppie life of a hip and trendy young man, out in the big city, long having left his small-town homely family life behind.

Who is Samantha James based on?

Paris Hilton, who was supposedly an inspiration for the Samantha James character, actually auditioned for the part. “We saw a lot of people because that was a really fun part.

How old is Chris Brander in just friends?

Are Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland friends?

Just look at Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal – even though they played enemies in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and haven’t appeared on screen together in nearly three years, Holland recently confirmed their bromance is still alive and well while promoting No Way Home.

Why did Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal fall out?

However as time went on, the publication claims, “Things started cooling down once they realized they were competing for the same roles.” The outlet gave Reynolds the leg up, citing his new roles in Free Guy and Red Notice, while noting Gyllenhaal hasn’t had a live-action role since Spider-Man: Far from Home in 2019.

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