Who plays Cecilia on muvhango?

Who plays Cecilia on muvhango?

Shoki Sebotsane

Shoki Mmola
Born Reshoketswe Portia Mmola 10 August 1977 Tzaneen, South Africa
Education Prudens Secondary Tampere University of Technology
Occupation actress translator language advisor dubbing producer casting director
Years active 2000–Present

How old is Vele?

33 years (March 11, 1988)
Vele Manenje/Age

Who is the new girl on muvhango?

Angela Atlang, a Bachelor Of Theater Arts graduate from the University of Botswana.

Who is Sechaba’s mom from muvhango?

Masechaba Gloria Moshoeshoe is a South African actress, television presenter, radio host and voiceover artist, best known for hosting the talk show The Big Question. Moshoeshoe was born on the East Rand, in Katlehong. She was still studying at Wits University when she first got involved in television.

How old is Maduvha?

Maduvha Madima age seems to be in her late 30’s. We do know about her date of birth, though.

Who is Vele in muvhango?

Vele Manenje
Vele Manenje on Muvhango In 2018, her extensive acting experience landed her on SABC2’s Muvhango, one of SA’s most popular and longest-running TV shows. She plays Seani Ramasha for the show that has 5.5 million viewers. Vele Muvhango real name is Vele Manenje.

Who plays Mother on Muvhango?

Jo-anne Reyneke (born 2 June 1988) is a South African actress best known for her television soap opera roles as Pearl on SABC 2’s Muvhango and as Prudence Oliphant, an office manager for Redemption Records, on e.tv’s Rhythm City.

Who is Mother on Muvhango?

Who is the oldest actor on Muvhango?

Elsie Rasalanavho and Maumela Mahuwa are currently the longest-serving cast members on the show. They have been on Muvhango since the show’s inception in 1997. They are followed by Dingaan Khumalo and Gabriel Temudzani, who’ve both been there since 2000.

How old is Vele from muvhango?

33 years of age
She is 33 years of age as of 2021.

What does Vele mean in English?

English Translation. veil. More meanings for velar. veil verb.

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