Who presented BBC Sport today?

Who presented BBC Sport today?

Nick Marshall-McCormack

Sport Today
Created by BBC World News
Presented by Nick Marshall-McCormack Chris Mitchell Marc Edwards Tulsen Tollett
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English

What happened to Amol Rajan on today Programme?

Amol Rajan joined the Today presenting team in 2021. Amol was appointed the BBC’s first Media Editor, leading its journalism on media and technology globally, in 2016. He continues in this role. Before joining the BBC, he was the Editor of The Independent.

Who is the female sports presenter on BBC Breakfast today?

Sally Nugent moved into the hot seat on the red sofa this week as she became the new face of BBC Breakfast. The journalist, who has been with the show for almost a decade as primarily a sports presenter, has taken over from Louise Minchin to sit permanently alongside co-presenter Dan Walker.

Is Amol Rajan married?

Charlotte Fairclothm. 2013
Amol Rajan/Spouse

What did Amol Rajan say about the royal family?

Amol Rajan, 38, described the Duke of Edinburgh as a “racist buffoon” and the Prince of Wales as “scientifically illiterate” in comment pieces published by The Independent newspaper in 2012.

Where did Amol Rajan go to school?

Downing College
Amol Rajan/College

After leaving Graveney School, Amol worked at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office during his gap year, and then went to Downing College at the University of Cambridge to read English.

Who are the swimming commentators on BBC Sport?

Swimming commentator for BBC Sport Allison Curbishley (Athletics) Specialised in the 400m event for Scotland and GB Reached county standard in netball and field hockey Holds a degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences from the University of Birmingham Athletics summariser for BBC radio 5 live Andrew Jameson (Swimming)

Who are the BBC’s presenting and punditry line-up?

Read on for the main presenting and punditry line-up for the BBC, which also includes the likes of Gabby Logan, Clare Balding and Alex Scott. Former gymnast Logan is a well-known face in sports broadcasting, often appearing as a stand-in presenter for Match of the Day, as well as leading coverage on the BBC for the World Athletics Championships.

Who is BBC Radio 5’s Allison Lister?

A former British Olympian, Allison is now a familiar voice for athletics on BBC Radio 5 live. Allison, a 400 metre runner, competed at the highest level including two Olympic Games (Atlanta and Sydney), World and European Championships and the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur.

Who is BBC Sport’s Olympic sports presenter Paul Inglis?

His broadcasting career began by covering the Athens Olympics and since then he has been an integral part of the BBC output for all major athletic events since including the London Olympics last year and Beijing Olympics in 2008.

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