Who Punched X Factor?

Who Punched X Factor?

SIMON Cowell certainly thought Caitlyn Vanbeck gave a knock-out performance – but almost literally knocked her out. The 50-year-old judge accidentally punched the hopeful in the face as he gave his final six a group hug.

What is replacing X Factor 2020?

Maya Jama
Simon Cowell announces new ITV show with Maya Jama to replace The X Factor – and shares first look | HELLO!

What happened to Abby and Lisa xfactor?

Former best friends Abbey and Lisa made X Factor history when they started to singing and stopped to have a fight. The audition ended when Abbey punched Lisa before the pair stormed off the stage screaming at one another.

What song did Ant and Seb sing?

From Ant and Seb’s rendition of Mysterious Girl to Alexandra Burke performing with Beyoncé – The X Factor’s gave us many memorable moments of TV history. Millions of us sat on our sofas every Saturday night waiting to hear Simon Cowell tell an aspiring singer that their audition was one of the worst he’d ever seen.

What happened to X-Factor?

X factor got knocked out at the chiefs game tonight. #kcchiefs #chiefsfans #hethrewbottleofwaterfirst pic.twitter.com/1nfiJSUhlU According to users on Twitter, X-factor started the fight when he threw a bottle of water.

Was ‘X-Factor’ knocked out by a fellow Chiefs fan?

The Kansas City superfan known as “X-factor” because of his memorable headgear appeared to be knocked out by a fellow Chiefs fan. The Kansas City Chiefs face a crucial test this Sunday when they travel to Las Vegas to take on the Raiders.

Does X-Factor have a reputation in Kansas City?

The reaction of the crowd around them probably speaks to the reputation X-factor has in the Kansas City fanbase. He doesn’t appear to be well-liked. Either way, this is Exhibit A and B for how not to act during a sporting event.

Is the X-Factor going to attend the Kansas City Chiefs game?

The X-Factor is planning on attending next weekend’s Kansas City Chiefs game in Washington D.C.

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