Who should not take epipen?

Who should not take epipen?

Epinephrine should be used with caution in patients with heart disease, and in patients who are on drugs that may sensitize the heart to arrhythmias, because it may precipitate or aggravate angina pectoris and produce ventricular arrhythmias.

What time do you not give Nitro to?

“Nitrates should not be given to patients with hypotension, marked bradycardia or tachycardia, RV infarction, or 5’phosphodiesterase inhibitor use within the previous 24 to 48 hours.” 1999 ACC/AHA Expert Consensus Document: “The physician should try to establish the time of the last dose of sildenafil.

Is EpiPen safe for heart patients?

An EpiPen is used to treat serious allergic reactions. In a person who has underlying heart disease the medicine could potentially contribute to abnormal heart rhythms, increased heart rate, or chest pain because of constriction of the blood vessels.

What drugs interact with epinephrine?

Adrenaline has many drug-drug interactions. Tricyclic antidepressants, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, nonselective β-adrenoceptor antagonists, general anesthetics, cocaine, and antipsychotics such as chlorpromazine are listed as drugs that interact with adrenaline.

What medications are contraindicated with nitroglycerin?

Administration of nitroglycerin is contraindicated in patients who are using PDE-5 inhibitors (e.g., sildenafil citrate, tadalafil, vardenafil hydrochloride). These compounds have been shown to potentiate the hypotensive effects of organic nitrates.

What are nursing implications for nitroglycerin?

Nursing Implications:

  • Check blood pressure and pulse before each administration of NTG–blood pressure can drop precipitously after a single dose.
  • NTG is highly unstable and should be stored in light resistant container in cool environment (not the refrigerator).

What are contraindications for nitroglycerin?

Nitroglycerin is contraindicated in patients that have reported allergic symptoms to the medication. [18] Known history of increased intracranial pressure, severe anemia, right-sided myocardial infarction, or hypersensitivity to nitroglycerin are contraindications to nitroglycerin therapy.

Is epinephrine contraindicated in rheumatic heart disease?

According to current guidelines, heart diseases that are absolute contraindications to the use of epinephrine-containing anesthetic solutions are: unstable angina, recent myocardial infarction (less than 6 months), recent coronary bypass surgery (less than 6 months), refractory arrythmias, untreated or uncontrolled …

Can you inject epinephrine in the heart?

How it is given. Aspen Adrenaline Injection is normally given by a doctor or nurse. The injection will usually be given just under the skin, however, it can also be given into the muscle or straight into the vein or heart.

How does epinephrine affect the heart?

Hence, epinephrine causes constriction in many networks of minute blood vessels but dilates the blood vessels in the skeletal muscles and the liver. In the heart, it increases the rate and force of contraction, thus increasing the output of blood and raising blood pressure.

Is epinephrine a bronchodilator?

Epinephrine belongs to a class of drugs known as bronchodilators. It works by relaxing the muscles around the airways so that they open up and you can breathe more easily.

What are the contraindications for the use of epinephrine?

There are no absolute contraindications against using epinephrine. Some relative contraindications include hypersensitivity to sympathomimetic drugs, closed-angle glaucoma, anesthesia with halothane. Another unique contraindication to be aware of is catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia.[5]

How many doses of epinephrine are in a USP auto injector?

Each epinephrine injection, USP auto-injector contains only 1 dose of medicine. Epinephrine injection, USP auto-injector should only be injected into the middle of the outer thigh (upper leg). It can be injected through clothing, if needed.

What is an epinephrine injection?

Indication: The epinephrine injection, USP auto-injector is a disposable, prefilled automatic injection device (auto-injector) used to treat life-threatening, allergic emergencies including anaphylaxis in people who are at risk for or have a history of serious allergic emergencies.

What is the proper way to administer epinephrine?

epinephrine, the patient should seek immediate medical or hospital care. More than two sequential doses of epinephrine should only be administered under direct medical supervision. Epinephrine injection, USP auto-injector should ONLY be injected into the anterolateral aspect of the thigh. Do not inject intravenously. Do not inject into buttock.

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