Who was Karim in EastEnders?

Who was Karim in EastEnders?

Ashraf Karim
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Tony Wredden (1987) Aftab Sachak (1988–1990)
Duration 1987-90
First appearance Episode 255 23 July 1987

Was Karim Zeroual EastEnders?

Zeroual starred as Sadiq in The Sparticle Mystery, which ran for three series between 2011 and 2015. He has also appeared on EastEnders, Blue Peter, Top Class, DaVinci’s Demons, Saturday Mash-Up!, Richard Osman’s House of Games, Bitesize Daily, Horrible Histories: Gory Games and Remotely Funny.

What is Karim doing now?

He’s since starred in EastEnders, Da Vinci’s Demons and The Sparticle Mystery, as well as on stage in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Lion King. He’s also appeared on Blue Peter, Top Class and Saturday Mash-Up, and is currently working on a travel and sport documentary for CBBC called A Week to Beat the World.

What does Karim Zeroual do?

Television presenter
Karim Zeroual/Professions

What height is Karim?

Karim Benzema

Personal information
Height 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
Position(s) Striker
Club information
Current team Real Madrid

What is the name of Karim’s brother *?

Abdul Karim Telgi Family Members & Their Relatives:

Parents Father: Ladsaab Telgi (Indian Railways Employee) Mother: Shariefabee Ladsaab Telgi
Brother Abdul Azim Telgi (Younger) Abdul Rahim Telgi (Younger)
Sister Not Known
Children Daughter: Sana Talikoti Son: Not Kown
Wife Name Shahida Telgi

What ethnicity is Karim?

Kareem (alternatively spelled Karim or Kerim) (Arabic: کریم) is a common given name and surname of Arabic origin that means “generous”, “noble”, “honorable”. It is also one of the Names of God in Islam in the Quran.

Why is Karim famous?

Karim Zeroual, 26, is a children’s TV presenter but began his career as an actor, starring in CBBC’s fantasy series The Sparticle Mystery. He also appeared in an episode of Da Vinci’s Demons and the long-running BBC One series, EastEnders. The former child actor is a CBBC host and is of Moroccan and British decent.

Who is karims girlfriend?

The Celebs Go dating star had a very compelling reason that nothing was going on – a secret girlfriend. Karim been secretly dating university student Poppy Birtwhistle for three years but was keen to keep their relationship out of the public eye.

How old is Karim?

28 years (November 14, 1993)
Karim Zeroual/Age

How old is Karim Benzema?

34 years (December 19, 1987)
Karim Benzema/Age

Who is Karim Zeroual?

Karim Zeroual is an actor, known for EastEnders (1985), Da Vinci’s Demons (2013) and The Sparticle Mystery (2011). Menu Movies Release CalendarDVD & Blu-ray ReleasesTop 250 MoviesMost Popular MoviesBrowse Movies by GenreTop Box OfficeShowtimes & TicketsIn TheatersComing SoonMovie NewsIndia Movie Spotlight

Who are the regular characters in the Walking Dead 2021?

Regular characters Character Actor (s) Duration Zack Hudson James Farrar 2021 – Dana Monroe Barbara Smith 2021 – Vi Highway Gwen Taylor 2021 – Terry Cant Brian Conley 2021 –

Is Gwen Taylor in EastEnders 2021?

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Who is Suki Panesar in EastEnders?

^ Fullerton, Huw (22 December 2019). “EastEnders casts Balvinder Sopal as Suki Panesar”. Radio Times. Retrieved 2 March 2021. ^ Dainty, Sophie (7 September 2020). “EastEnders kicks off Frankie Lewis mystery as she befriends Tina Carter”. Digital Spy. Hearst Magazines UK. Retrieved 2 March 2021. ^ Kitson, Calli (17 February 2021).


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