Who was Svetlana Stalina?

Who was Svetlana Stalina?

Lana Peters, Stalin’s Daughter, Dies at 85 Born Svetlana Stalina, Stalin’s daughter changed her name twice and lived in several countries after her famous defection. Courtesy of Icarus Films, via Associated Press

What happened to Stalin’s daughter Lana Peters?

^ ” ‘ Over me my father’s shadow hovers’: an interview with Stalin’s daughter Svetlana”. Standpoint (originally published in The Observer, 1984). January 2012. ^ “Stalin’s daughter Lana Peters dies in US of cancer”. BBC News. 28 November 2011.

Who is Svetlana Alliluyeva?

A young Svetlana Alliluyeva sitting on Lavrentiy Beria ‘s lap, with Stalin (in the background, smoking his pipe) and Nestor Lakoba. Svetlana Alliluyeva was born on 28 February 1926.

Who is Maria Alliluyeva in the death of Stalin?

Alliluyeva was portrayed by Joanna Roth in the HBO’s 1992 television film Stalin and Andrea Riseborough in the 2017 satirical film The Death of Stalin. Alliluyeva is the subject of the 2019 novel The Red Daughter by American writer John Burnham Schwartz.


What happened to Svetlana’s mother Nadezhda?

Svetlana’s mother Nadezhda Alliluyeva had committed suicide in 1932, when Svetlana was just six, evidently after sinking into depression over Stalin’s womanising. Her death devastated Stalin and his daughter was the apple of his eye. ‘You know, my father loved me,’ she said as an old woman.

But the woman slowly exhaling smoke from her thick painted red lips, with a gun casually slung over her shoulder, had the kind of privileged public school upbringing most can only dream of. For this is evil dictator Josef Stalin’s unconventional granddaughter – the youngest child of his much-adored daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva.

Who is Josef Stalin’s granddaughter Chrese Evans?

1 This is Chrese Evans, the 44-year-old granddaughter dictator Josef Stalin 2 Mother was Svetlana Alliluyeva, the evil despot’s beloved only daughter 3 Chrese, who was named ‘Olga’ at birth, now lives in Portland, Oregon 4 She is Svetlana’s only child with her third husband, an American architect

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