Who was the first Decepticon combiner?

Who was the first Decepticon combiner?

Menasor is a Decepticon combiner from the Generation 1 continuity family. Menasor was meant to be the ultimate Decepticon weapon, and perhaps he would have been if not for the fatal flaw in his design. His mind was designed to merge the psyches of the five Stunticons who compose his form.

How do the Transformers transform?

Transformation is triggered by a command to this computer, usually done by voice, but sometimes with a thought. These computers may have been a part of the Great Upgrade, and once activated they choreograph the shifting body parts, allowing the Transformer to continue to concentrate on other matters.

Which combiner is the strongest?

Top 5 Autobot & 5 Decepticon Combiners, Ranked By Strength

  1. 1 DECEPTICON: Predaking (Tech Spec Average: 74)
  2. 2 AUTOBOT: Volcanicus (Tech Spec Average: UNKNOWN)
  3. 3 DECEPTICON: Piranacon (Tech Spec Average: 73)
  4. 4 AUTOBOT: Computron (Tech Spec Average: 78)
  5. 5 DECEPTICON: Monstructor (Tech Spec Average: 68)

Who is Optimus Maximus?

Optimus Maximus is an Autobot combiner from the IDW portion of the Generation 1 continuity family. The mighty Optimus Maximus was Prowl’s last-ditch attempt to protect the world of Caminus—and perhaps the entire galaxy—from Starscream’s political machinations.

How do you get Optimus Maximus in stars 46?

Stars: 46 One of the titular combiners from the Transformers Trading Card Game Wave 2: Rise of the Combiners, Optimus Maximus, Ultimate Defender can be formed by playing the Action card Sentinel Enigma while the Character cards for all five Sentinels are in Bot Mode while on the battlefield and/or the KO area.

What class is Optimus Prime in Combiner Wars?

Combiner Wars Optimus Maximus is a Combiner made up of four Deluxe Class figures (Sunstreaker, Mirage, Prowl, and Ironhide) as limbs, a Voyager Class figure (Battle Core Optimus Prime) as the torso, and the usual Legends Class figure (Rodimus) to complete the set, all as part of the Combiner Wars line.

What episode did Optimus Prime go undercover as the Stunticons?

The Generation One Season Two episode Masquerade, where Optimus Prime and four other Autobots went undercover as the Stunticons two foil Megatron’s latest scheme. The Combiner Wars toys of The Stunticons. The name Maximus comes from the Maximus combiners from the series Transformers Energon.

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