Who were the first settlers in Adelaide?

Who were the first settlers in Adelaide?

Aboriginal Time The first human inhabitants of Adelaide was the local aboriginal community, the Kaurna tribe. Their land spread from Adelaide and the Adelaide Plains, naming the land ‘Tarntanya’, translating to red kangaroo place. The area was one a simple, open grassy plain with patches of trees and shrubs throughout.

What was Adelaide first called?

Originally called Tarntanya (red kangaroo place) by the Kaurna people, the original custodians of the land, Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and was first settled by European free-settlers in 1836. Surveyor Colonel William Light was charged with designing a city.

Who founded West End?

The colony of South Australia wasn’t short on bright-eyed brewers in the mid-19th century, with breweries popping up left right and centre in the search for the state’s beer of choice. Eventually, one stood above the rest: the West End Brewery, founded by William Knox Simms, John Haimes and Edgar Chapman back in 1859.

How old is West End Beer?

The West End Brewery opened in Hindley Street in 1859 as Adelaide’s 14th brewery. It was established by William H Clark as a model brewery, but he was insolvent the following year, when it was bought by William Simms. The brewery was taken over by the South Australian Brewing, Malting, Wine and Spirit Company in 1888.

Why is it called West End?

The term ‘the West End’ is an abbreviation of The West End of London and it describes a specific area of Central London that’s to the North of the famous River Thames.

What is the Aboriginal name for West End?

The Aboriginal name for the area is ‘Kurilpa’, which means ‘place of water rats. ‘ There is still local evidence of this name – the Post Office at the corner of Dornoch Terrace and Hardgrave Road is stilled called ‘Kurilpa’. Like many areas of Brisbane, West End started off as farming land.

Why is West End Closing?

The last kegs will be filled on Thursday after brewing company Lion announced plans to close the facility in 2020. “Unfortunately, due to excess brewery capacity across Australia, the tough decision was made to close the site late last year,” Lion Supply Chain Director Ian Roberts said.

Is West End Australian owned?

West End Draught, commonly referred to as red tins, is a South Australian lager brewed by Lion, a subsidiary of Japanese company Kirin. It was formerly brewed by the South Australian Brewing Company on Port Road, Thebarton, which was taken over Lion in 1993.

What do you call a person from Adelaide?

Adelaide’s inhabitants are known as Adelaideans.

What is the Adelaide West End Association?

Welcome to the Adelaide West End Association! We represent a unique and diverse group of businesses, individuals, and institutions that make the west end of Adelaide a truly spectacular place to work and play. Live or work here? Become a free AWEA member

What happened to Adelaide’s West Terrace?

The character of West Terrace has changed from a nineteenth century residential street to a traffic thoroughfare lined with car sales outlets. Adelaide’s first weather observatory was located in the parklands on the western side of this terrace. The heritage-listed West Terrace Cemetery still draws visitors and new occupants.

Why is Adelaide called the city of Adelaide?

It is known by locals simply as “The City” or “Town” to distinguish it from Greater Adelaide and from the City of Adelaide local government area (which also includes North Adelaide and the Park Lands around the whole city centre).

What is the history of Adelaide’s city centre?

The area where the Adelaide city centre now exists was once known as ” Tarndanya “, which translates as “male red kangaroo rock” in Aboriginal, an area along the south bank of what is now known as the River Torrens, which flows through Adelaide.

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