Who won the auction order on the block?

Who won the auction order on the block?

Mitch and Mark win The Block and take home over $700,000 in prize money

Auction order House Profit
1 House 1 – Ronnie and Georgia $296,000.00
2 House 2 – Mitch and Mark $644,444.44 + $100,000
3 House 3 – Tanya and Vito $400,000.01
4 House 4 – Josh and Luke $530,000.00

What were the Block auction results?

Queenslanders Jimmy and Tam have been crowned best on The Block, taking home the first ever seven-figure sum in the reno show’s history. All five luxury Brighton houses soared more than $460,000 above reserve, in a season which gave away more prize money than ever before.

How much did Kyle and Kara win on the block?

Kyle and Kara – the Super K’s were the hot favourite to win (and had won the realestate.com.au vote), but ended up third when final profits were tallied. Their property sold for sold for $2.44 million with a profit of $567,250. Twins Alisa and Lysandra came second.

How much did Sophie and Dale win on the block?

After the series went to air, Brad and Lara emerged as the winners. Sophie and Dale’s terrace (reserve $975,000) sold for $1,330,000. Being some $506,000 over the $1,114,000 reserve price, the Maitland couple took home the breathtaking $506,000 difference along with the game’s $100,000 prize.

Who won the auction on The Block 2021?

Defying their critics – not least judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer – Mitch and Mark have won The Block 2021, selling their house for more than $644,444 above its reserve, as Tanya finally came clean on cheating.

Are Steve and Chantelle still together?

Steve O’Donnell and Chantelle Ford have called it quits on their relationship, telling fans in a post on their joint Facebook. Their time on Channel Nine’s The Block was riddled with fights and a rocky relationship, so 14 months after their win they’ve chosen to go their separate ways.

How much money did Ronnie and Georgia win on The Block?

Controversially, Ronnie and Georgia’s house was passed in at auction, resulting in a tearful Georgia and a nail-biting negotiation afterwards. Eventually, they secured a sale price of $2,781,000, giving them third place with a profit of $161,000. It wasn’t bad – but it wasn’t everything they’d hoped for.

Who won The Block auction 2021?

What were the auction results of the block season 5?

The Block Season Five 2012 Auction results: 401-407 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne Number 403, Mike and Andrew: $1,400,001.01. It resold in 2016 for $1.73 million Number 405, Brad and Lara: $1.62 million. * WINNERS with $606,000 profit * The Block Season Six 2013 Auction results: 6-12 Tasman Street, Bondi (All-Stars)

How much did the block season 6 winners get paid?

The Block Season Six 2013 Auction results: 6-12 Tasman Street, Bondi (All-Stars) Number 12, Phil and Amity: $1.67 million. * WINNERS with $395,000 profit *

Who won the block All Stars 2013?

The Block: All Stars 2013 (Bondi, NSW) Winners: Phil Rankine and Amity Dry Total profit: $395,000 Meet the Blockheads! Here are all the teams competing on The Block 2019

What are the winners of the block 2019?

Here are all the teams competing on The Block 2019 The Block: Fans vs Faves 2014 (Albert Park, Vic) Winners: Steve O’Donnell and Chantelle Ford Total profit: $736,000 The Block: Glasshouse 2014 (Prahran, Vic ) Winners: Shannon and Simon Vos Total profit: $435,000

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