Who won the snooker December 2021?

Who won the snooker December 2021?

Ronnie O’Sullivan
Ronnie O’Sullivan was far from his best in the afternoon, but produced brilliance in the evening to beat Neil Robertson and claim the 2021 World Grand Prix final. O’Sullivan trailed 7-5 at one stage, but rallied to claim a brilliant 10-8 success in front of a lively crowd in Coventry on Sunday evening.

Who won the UK Open Snooker 2021?

Zhao Xintong
The event was the first Triple Crown and fifth ranking event of the 2021–22 snooker season….2021 UK Championship.

Tournament information
Winner’s share £200,000
Highest break Gary Wilson ( ENG ) (147)
Champion Zhao Xintong ( CHN )

Where is the 2020 UK Snooker Championship held?

Marshall Arena
2020 UK Championship/Location
The 2020 UK Championship took place between 23 November and 6 December 2020 at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, England. It was the fifth ranking event of the 2020–21 snooker season, and the first of three Triple Crown events. There were 128 players from the World Snooker Tour taking part in the championship.

Who won Snooker Championship 2021?

Mark Selby
2021 World Snooker Championship/Winners

Who Won UK Championship snooker?

Zhao XintongCHN
UK Championship/Current champions

Who won the latest snooker?

Mark Williams seals epic victory over John Higgins with sensational match-winning break – Snooker video – Eurosport.

Who won the UK Open Snooker Championship?

Ronnie O’Sullivan has won the tournament a record seven times, followed by Steve Davis with six titles and Stephen Hendry with five. Zhao Xintong is the reigning champion, winning his first title in 2021….UK Championship.

Tournament information
Current champion Zhao Xintong ( CHN )

Who won the UK Open snooker?

Who won the 2020 UK Snooker Championship?

Neil Robertson
2020 UK Championship/Winners

Neil Robertson sunk the final pink to beat Judd Trump in a marathon final-frame decider and clinch his third 2020 UK Championship title in Milton Keynes. The last time Robertson won the UK Snooker Championship in 2015…

Who won snooker Triple Crown 2020?

Career Triple Crown winners

Player Total Winning span
Ronnie O’Sullivan 20 1993–2020
Stephen Hendry 18 1989–1999
Steve Davis 15 1980–1997
John Higgins 9 1998–2011

What is a break in snooker?

In snooker, under normal circumstances, the maximum break is 147, also known as a maximum, a 147, or orally, a one-four-seven. This score is attained by potting all 15 with 15 for 120 points, followed by all six for a further 27 points, all in a single i.e. without any misses.

What is a century in snooker?

In snooker, a century break (sometimes referred to as a ton) is a score of 100 points or more within one at the table without missing a shot and requires potting at least 25 consecutive balls.

What is a snooker stick?

A cue stick (or simply cue, more specifically pool cue, snooker cue, or billiards cue), is an item of sporting equipment essential to the games of pool, snooker and carom billiards .

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