Why did Dave Alvin leave the Blasters?

Why did Dave Alvin leave the Blasters?

During the preparation for the solo album in the summer of ’94, drummer Dave Carroll left the band after they felt he wasn’t really the right choice. Enter Jerry Angel, the rock solid drummer the Blasters had been searching for.

How old are the blasters?

Rock Legends Return The Blasters’ lineup has changed many times since the band formed in 1979 in Downey, Calif., but its commitment to American roots music remains steadfast. At KEXP, The Blasters put on an energy-fueled performance worthy of the group’s ’80s heyday.

Who is the lead singer of the Blasters?

Phil Alvin
Philip Joseph Alvin (born March 6, 1953) is an American singer and guitarist known primarily as the leader of the rock band The Blasters….

Phil Alvin
Genres Rock, roots rock
Occupation(s) Vocalist, musician, songwriter
Instruments Vocals, guitar, harmonica
Associated acts The Blasters

When did the Blasters come out?

December 1981
The Blasters (album)

The Blasters
Released December 1981
Studio United Western
Genre Rock and roll, rockabilly, roots rock
Length 30:47

How Old Is Phil Alvin?

68 years (March 6, 1953)
Phil Alvin/Age

Where are the blasters from?

Downey, CA
The Blasters/Origin

How old is Dave Alvin?

66 years (November 11, 1955)
Dave Alvin/Age

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Are the Blasters still touring?

The Blasters is currently touring across 3 countries and has 10 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, after that they’ll be at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco.

Are the Blasters still together?

Dave and Phil Alvin were the brothers that founded the Blasters in Downey California. Today they have gone separate ways with Dave having a very successful solo career and Phil still performing with his band The Blasters.

Where is Dave Alvin from?

Dave Alvin/Place of birth

Who are the Blasters?

The all-American roots music band the Blasters were principally brothers Dave and Phil Alvin, whose first-hand experience with blues masters shaped their sound and turned them both into contemporary singer/songwriters whose interest in roots rock has never waned.

What kind of music do the Blasters play?

The Blasters’ self-described “American Music” was a blend of blues music, rockabilly, early rock and roll, punk rock, mountain music, and rhythm and blues. They still have a devoted fan base and have received largely positive critical reviews, but have earned only limited mainstream success.

When did the Blasters last release a new album?

In 2005, the band released its first studio CD in 20 years, 4-11-44. On July 3, 2012, the Blasters put out their most recent studio album to date, Fun On Saturday Night. The album includes a duet with Exene Cervenka of X and the Knitters, track number 2 called “Jackson”.

Who are some famous rock bands that started in California?

Steve Berlin. Hollywood Fats. Smokey Hormel. The Blasters are a rock and roll band formed in 1978 in Downey, California, by brothers Phil Alvin (vocals and guitar) and Dave Alvin (guitar), with bass guitarist John Bazz and drummer Bill Bateman.

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