Why did Krogstad blackmail her?

Why did Krogstad blackmail her?

Krogstad the Catalyst At first, it may seem that Krogstad is the play’s main antagonist. Then the audience learns that Krogstad, a co-worker of her husband Torvald, has the power to blackmail Nora. She forged the signature of her dead father when she obtained a loan from him, unbeknownst to her husband.

What does Krogstad want when he blackmails Nora in A Doll’s House?

If I get thrown into the gutter for a second time, I shall take you with me. After revealing the information he can use against her, Krogstad flat out threatens Nora. At this point in the play, Krogstad is not only seeking to restore his reputation, but wants revenge if he cannot keep his job at the bank.

Why does Krogstad decide not to blackmail Nora anymore?

He insists that Nora is not to be allowed near the children anymore, because she may corrupt them. Just then, a letter arrives from Krogstad. In the letter, Krogstad says that he’s had a change of heart and will no longer be blackmailing them.

Why does Krogstad blackmail Nora into helping him keep his job?

Nora owes $ to Krogstad because he lent her money to go to Italy (for husbands health) and is currently being blackmailed because she forged her fathers signature and Krogstad wants to keep his job. she is going to ask him for a favor, to get money.

In what act does Krogstad blackmail Nora?

Act Two
– Mr Krogstad, Act Two. This quote was spoken by Krogstad to Nora on account of blackmailing her with the information he had. The information about forgery was being used against Nora as a revenge to keep his job at the bank. If she did otherwise and he lost the job, he was to tell the truth to her husband.

What does Krogstad threaten Nora with?

What does Krogstad threaten Nora with? What does he do as he leaves her house? He threatens her by saying that he could tell an outsider about her crimes but he will keep her predicament between himself, Nora, and Torvald if he gets a better job at the bank. Krogstad also says that he controls her final reputation.

What crime had Krogstad committed and what was Helmer’s reaction to it?

What crime did Krogstad commit and what was Helmer’s reaction to it? He forges a signature and Helmer reacts by saying that he poisoned his children and that he’s a liar. Why doesn’t Nora want to see her children at the end of Act 1? She feels bad about forging the signature.

What is Krogstad guilty?

Like Nora, Krogstad is a person who has been wronged by society, and both Nora and Krogstad have committed the same crime: forgery of signatures. One could argue that society forced Mrs. Linde away from Krogstad and thus prompted his crime.

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