Why did Ren move in Footloose?

Why did Ren move in Footloose?

Plot. Chicago native Ren McCormack and his mother Ethel move to the small town of Beaumont to live with Ren’s aunt and uncle in the rural Southwest. Distrusting Ren, Shaw forbids Ariel from seeing him after she shows interest in him.

How old is Ren McCormack in Footloose?

Ren McCormack (Lead): Male, 18-25.

Is Footloose a true story?

Footloose is based on a true story. In 1979 the small town of Elmore City, Oklahoma faced a community crisis. The seniors of Elmore High School wanted to plan a senior prom, but dances were against the law thanks to a not-forgotten ordinance from the late 1800s that forbade dancing within the city limits.

Why was Elmore City banned from dancing?

The ban on dancing in Elmore City was instituted before statehood, in an attempt to keep the Chickasaw Nation town clear of carousing. If you have a dance somebody will crash it and they’ll be looking for only two things – women and booze.

How tall is Kenny Wormald?

5′ 10″
Kenny Wormald/Height

How old is Kenny Wormald?

37 years (July 27, 1984)
Kenny Wormald/Age

Did Kevin Bacon do his dancing in Footloose?

Speaking of that famous warehouse scene, you might be surprised to learn that Kevin Bacon didn’t do all of his own dancing. As the actor admitted during a 2013 interview with Howard Stern, he had a dance double, though he did do some of his own dancing.

Where was Footloose filmed in Oklahoma?

Elmore City
Most of you have seen the cult classic “Footloose” many times. I can quote the movie by heart, and if I were a better dancer I would be pulling off moves like I was dancing alongside Kevin Bacon.

Was dancing ever illegal in America?

In the hyper-Christian America of the mid-1800s, publicly gyrating with a partner was forbidden in numerous cities and towns; and for much of the 20th century, it was illegal to dance with a member of the same-sex.

How many minutes of Footloose was edited for the 1987 premiere?

CBS edited 10 minutes from this film for its 1987 network television premiere. EVERYBODY CUT FOOTLOOSE As we all know 1984 produced a lot of great things. One of the best was “Footloose”. Here’s my thoughts on this timeless masterpiece which I brought on DVD this week

What is the movie Footloose about?

Footloose. (1984 film) Footloose is a 1984 American musical drama film directed by Herbert Ross. It tells the story of Ren McCormack ( Kevin Bacon ), a teenager from Chicago who moves to a small town, where he attempts to overturn the ban on dancing instituted by the efforts of a local minister ( John Lithgow ).

Who wrote the original Footloose?

Ren, Ariel, Willard, and Rusty rejoin the party and happily dance the night away. Dean Pitchford, an Academy Award -winning lyricist for the title song for the 1980 film Fame, came up with the idea for Footloose in 1979 and teamed up with Melnick’s IndieProd who set the production up at 20th Century Fox in 1981.

What awards did Footloose win in 1985?

“Footloose” and “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” both hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and received 1985 Academy Award nominations for Best Music (Original Song). “Footloose” also received a 1985 Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Original Song – Motion Picture.

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