Why do most translators avoid referring to Gregor as a cockroach?

Why do most translators avoid referring to Gregor as a cockroach?

Answer: Most translators avoid referring to Gregor as a cockroach because Avoiding the word makes the reader as confused as Gregor is about the change in his physical state.

What are the translation techniques?

  • Borrowing. This means taking words straight into another language.
  • Calque. This is a literal translation at phrase level.
  • Literal Translation.
  • Transposition.
  • Modulation.
  • Reformulation (sometimes known as équivalence)
  • Adaptation.
  • Compensation.

Why is machine translation so hard?

Many factors contribute to the difficulty of machine translation, including words with multiple meanings, sentences with multiple grammatical structures, uncertainty about what a pronoun refers to, and other problems of grammar. Presumably the pronoun that translates ‘they’ will also have to be feminine.

What are the different types of translation?

The 12 Main Types of Translation

  • Literary Translation.
  • Software Localization.
  • Commercial Translation.
  • Legal Translation.
  • Technical Translation.
  • Judicial Translation.
  • Administrative Translation.
  • Medical Translations.

Why do translators try to balance in an ideal translation?

Translators have to be as accurate as possible to the original text. Thus, ‘Accuracy’ is one of the things they try to balance. Further, they want the texts to be easily readable in the language they convert them into. Thus, ‘Readability’ is the other thing they try to balance.

What structural decision does a translator make when translating an original text Brainly?

Answer Expert Verified Translators do not decide on character development, conflict resolution or dialogue: they just need to stay faithful to the original text, those decisions are up to the original author. so the best answer is “word choice”, but that’s not exactly “structural”.

What is the role of the translator?

A Translator is an Author The main role of a language translator is to author a piece of writing. A large amount of concentration and expertise goes into making a translated text flow as smoothly as the original text, similar to authoring a piece of writing from scratch.

Which element of an original text as a translator wants capture?

The answer is C: the meanings of the author´s words. When translating, it is recommended, above all, that one captures the ideas, sense, and meaning —or, as many have put it, in more poetic terms, capture the spirit of the text— of what is being expressed in the original.

Which term is used for word-for-word literal translation?

In translation theory, another term for “literal translation” is “metaphrase” and for phrasal (“sense”) translation — “paraphrase.”

How many types of direct translation techniques are there?


What are the problems in translation?

Some of the most common challenges of translation include:

  • Translating Language Structure.
  • Translating Idioms and Expressions.
  • Translating Compound Words.
  • Missing Names In Translation.
  • Two-Word Verbs.
  • Multiple Meanings In Translation.
  • Translating Sarcasm.

What does the bridge metaphor imply about the role of the translator?

The translator is making choices about the work that will allow the original author’s thoughts and ideas to translate to a new culture. …

What is the process of translation of idioms?

Translation involves far more than replacement of lexical and grammatical items between languages and, as can be seen in the translation of idioms, the process may involve discarding the basic linguistic elements of the SL text so as to achieve Popovic’s goal of ‘expressive identity’ between the SL and TL texts.

What two elements are important for an ideal translation?

Readability and accuracy are two most important elements for an ideal translation. Readability refers to the fact that the translation “flows” – it sounds natural and there are no problems reading this text. Accuracy refers to the fact that the words are translated correctly.

What structural decision does William Carlos Williams make in Landscape with the Fall of Icarus that makes the poem seem short and quick?

The correct answer is D. The lack of punctuation. It makes the poem sound as if it were a single, swift, concise, and laconic sentence. It also give the poem a conversational tone, depriving it of artificiality that was a characteristic of the pre-20th-century poetry.

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