Why does my FedEx package say shipment exception?

Why does my FedEx package say shipment exception?

What does the “delivery exception” status mean? A delivery exception means your package is temporarily delayed while in transit due to unavoidable circumstances. We work hard to deliver every package as soon as possible, so a delivery exception doesn’t necessarily mean that your shipment will arrive late.

What does it mean when a shipment is in exception?

An exception occurs when a package or shipment encounters an unforeseen event, which could result in a change to the expected delivery day. Examples of exception include: address unknown, damage to shipment, or signature not received.

What happens if FedEx failed to deliver?

In most cases, we will attempt to deliver your package three times before returning it to your shipper. When a FedEx courier is unable to deliver your package, he will leave a tag on your door informing you on the Air Waybill number and the next delivery attempt.

What does status exception mean?

The status ‘exception’ means that an unexpected event is preventing delivery of your package. Some examples include: A customs delay. No one to accept delivery of your package.

How many times FedEx will try to deliver?

Delivery attempts If a signature is required, the driver will typically try to deliver the package up to three times. If a label has been applied to the back of the tag, the driver was unable to leave the package due to signature requirements or felt the package was not safe to deliver.

How do I contact FedEx for a failed delivery?

463.3339. Step 1: Complete the online claim form: Start a claim. – Enter your tracking/PRO number. – Select your claim type.

What does exception mean on a DHL delivery?

shipment exception
A delivery exception (or shipment exception) occurs when a shipment is temporarily delayed or stalled in transit. There are many possible reasons, such as customs delays due to wrong Harmonized System (HS) codes or poor documentation.

What does it mean when FedEx says delivery exception local delivery restriction delivery not attempted?

For those not familiar with delivery exceptions, Fedex defines them as what “occurs when a package is temporarily delayed while in transit. Every effort is made to deliver every package as soon as possible, so an exception does not necessarily denote a late shipment.

What are the FedEx delivery exceptions?

FedEx Delivery Exceptions FedEx issues delivery exceptions for customs delays, holiday hangups, missing documentation, and if no one is home to receive the package.

What happens if the recipient is not home when FedEx arrives?

If the recipient wasn’t home or could not sign for the shipment, the carrier will likely reattempt the delivery the following day. While FedEx carriers always use best practices to ensure the safety of a customer’s shipment, sometimes accidents happen.

Why has my FedEx package been delayed?

Learn more about FedEx delivery exceptions here. For USPS delivery exceptions, incorrect addresses and holidays are the most common reasons for delayed deliveries. If your package has been delayed, you will see an exception notice when you try to track your package. Ready to ship internationally?

Does FedEx hold packages for pick up?

Any precautions that can be taken to avoid a delivery disruption can be beneficial for all parties involved. If there is an issue with weather, labels, weights, or a huge influx of packages out of a particular area, FedEx may have to hold packages for pick up. Are There Exceptions to The Money Back Guarantee?

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