Why does the paper keep jamming in my Epson printer?

Why does the paper keep jamming in my Epson printer?

This error occurs when top/bottom of paper is not detected by ASF PE Sensor or PE Sensor in the specified steps of paper loading / ejecting operation correctly. 1 Push “Start” button after the jammed paper in printer mechanism is removed.

How do you fix a paper jam on an Epson WorkForce 610?

Load up to To eject the jammed paper, try turning the WorkForce off and then back on. If that doesn’t work and paper is stuck inside, turn off the WorkForce. Open the scanner, remove the jammed paper and torn pieces, close the scanner, and turn the WorkForce back on.

What do I do when my Epson printer says paper jam but there is none?

Generally, epson printer paper jam issue can be fixed by following tricks.

  1. Remove the printer header.
  2. Check if there is any broken paper available.
  3. try to move the roller gently to check if it moving properly or not.
  4. place the printer header back again. and reboot your printer once.
  5. now try to print something.

How do I clear a paper jam on my Epson printer?

Paper Jam Problems in the Paper Cassette

  1. Cancel the print job, if necessary.
  2. Pull out the paper cassette, then carefully remove any jammed paper.
  3. Carefully remove any paper jammed inside the product.
  4. Gently insert the paper cassette.
  5. Follow the prompts on the LCD screen to clear any error messages.

Why is my printer suddenly jamming?

If your printer keeps jamming, you should know that the most common cause of a jam is misalignment of the paper. Paper needs to load in smoothly, completely flush with the tray. Overfilling the tray is a great way to ensure you will be spending some personal time getting to know the inside of a printer.

Why does printer keep jamming?

It could be that the paper you are trying to print on is damp. The paper could be of low quality or not the type designed to be used with your specific printer. A printer jam can also occur when you load the paper incorrectly, or when there is dust and static present on the paper.

How do I clear a paper jam on my Epson 3760?

Paper Jams in the Automatic Document Feeder

  1. Cancel the print job, if necessary.
  2. Remove your originals from the ADF.
  3. Open the ADF cover, then carefully remove any jammed paper.
  4. Leave the ADF cover open, then raise the scanner unit.
  5. Press the tabs and remove the document mat.
  6. Carefully remove any jammed paper.

How to clear paper jam in Epson printer?

[Solution] Clear Paper Jam in Epson Printer 1 Turn the printer off. 2 Look at the readout, if there is one. 3 If you can see the paper, gently tug it out the top. 4 When you find paper out of place, gently tug the paper out of the printer. 5 Open the paper trays. 6 (more items) See More….

How do I clear paper jams at the optional paper cassette unit?

Follow the steps below to clear paper jams at the optional paper cassette unit and cover G. Pull out the paper cassette from the optional paper cassette unit. If you find any jammed paper, gently pull out any sheets of paper that have fed part way into the product.

How do I fix a printer that is jammed?

Many printers have a small screen that displays a line or two of text. When jammed, such printers may try to give you an idea of where the jam is and what to do next. If not, proceed to find the jam yourself. If you can see the paper, gently tug it out the top. If not, or if the printer is still jammed, begin opening the printer.

How do I clear the paper jam in the auto document feeder?

Paper jams in the Auto Document Feeder If paper becomes jammed in the product, the Print light (green) goes off and Error light (red) is lit. The product’s LCD panel and EPSON Status Monitor 3 provide alert messages. Clear the paper jam by following the order of the indicated cover names displayed on the control panel or EPSON Status Monitor 3.

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