Why Fannin?

Why Fannin?

Why Fannin? Because we care… At Fannin, we provide the medical devices, medicines and diagnostic products that help healthcare professionals and patients across the Island of Ireland and the UK manage illness and restore health.

Why choose Fannin as your distributor in Ireland?

We are proud to have Fannin represent our products in the Republic of Ireland. We as SCHMITZ are producing high quality products. Thus, a high quality of pre- and after-sales-service is mandatory for us. With the company Fannin Ltd as our partner in Ireland, we are sure to have a partner who is commited to the customers’ needs the way we are.

Why Prodol for Fannin?

Prodol has the pleasure of working in partnership with Fannin for over a decade and they have been fundamental in developing our business in the United Kingdom. They don’t think in terms of only sales, but rather in terms of building long term sustainable business.

How long have I been with Fannin?

I’ve been with Fannin for the last 35 years and have worked within nearly all divisions. During this time I have seen Fannin grow, bringing on new products and suppliers alike.


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