Why is Durgapur famous?

Why is Durgapur famous?

Known as the “Steel Capital of East India”, Durgapur gracefully blends its small-town life into metro-worthy energy. Apart from the famous steel plants, Durgapur is dotted with beautiful temples and a few other tourist spots. The local cuisine will surely make your mouth water from the heady aroma wafting in the air.

Is NIT Durgapur is private or government?

National Institute of Technology Durgapur (also known as NIT Durgapur or NITDGP), formerly called as Regional Engineering College, Durgapur (also known as REC Durgapur or RECDGP), is a public technical university in the city of Durgapur in West Bengal, India.

Is Durgapur a smart city?

Durgapur Municipal Corporation has been selected through a competitive process for SMART City Mission initiative of Government of India. Durgapur Municipal Corporation has been selected through a competitive process for SMART City Mission initiative of Government of India. …

Who was durgadas Chattopadhyay?

Date of Birth : 26 May, 1958, Education: Graduate (C.U.) He has written many essays (more than 350 ) on different topies like Historical, Religious, Social Studies, Politics and literary in different Bengali Megazines.

Can I change branch in NIT Durgapur?

Change of branch shall be made strictly on the basis of merit of the applicants. For this purpose the CGPA obtained at the end of the Second Semester and JEE (Main) rank (with equal weightage) shall be – considered.

What are the 100 smart cities in India?

PCMC, Pune replaced Navi Mumbai as a nomination from Maharashtra for the Smart Cities Mission.

  • Thoothukudi.
  • Tirunelveli.
  • Naya Raipur.
  • Rajkot.
  • Amaravati.
  • Patna.
  • Karimnagar.
  • Muzaffarpur.

What is the National Institute of Technology Durgapur?

Durgapur is home to National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, an autonomous institution in eastern India of national importance. It is one of the 31 N.I.T.s in the country. N.I.T. Durgapur is one of the 8 old Regional Engineering Colleges established in 1956.

Where is Durgapur located?

Durgapur is located at 23°33′N 87°19′E / 23.55°N 87.32°E / 23.55; 87.32. It has an average elevation of 65 metres (213 ft). Durgapur is in the Paschim Bardhaman district of West Bengal, on the bank of the Damodar River, just before it enters the alluvial plains of Bengal. The topography is undulating.

What is the campus of NIT Durgapur like?

The campus of NIT Durgapur is spread over a vast area of 187 Acre, comprising of various Academic buildings, Labs, Hostels, Faculty Quarters, Playgrounds and Gardens. The Institute Guest House standing beside the Director’s Bungalow serves to render hospitality to the Official and Non-official guests of the Institute.

What is Virasat Durgapur?

Many great personalities have graced Aarohan with their enlightening presence. VIRASAT is the official cultural extravaganza of SPICMACAY NIT Durgapur Chapter which aims to spread the air of grace , mirth and the indescribable beauty of the great and priceless cultural heritage of our country.

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