Why is my message app not working on iPhone?

Why is my message app not working on iPhone?

The iPhone Messages app could be blank because of a software glitch that’s patched up by a new software update. You may be able to fix the problem by updating to the latest version of iOS. Open the Settings app and tap General -> Software Update. If an iOS update is available, tap Download and Install.

How do I send a dismiss message from my iPhone?

To dismiss a notification, swipe left on the notification and tap Clear….How to Reply to iOS 11 Notifications from Lock Screen on an iPhone:

  1. Find the notification you want to reply to.
  2. Activate 3D Touch by hard-pressing the screen.
  3. Depending on the notification, a box will pop up with various actions you can take.

How do I get my messages back on the bottom of my iPhone?

To put Messages back on the iPhone dock, press and hold the Messages app icon and continue holding it until you can add the app back to the home screen. Then drag and place the app in the dock.

What is notify me in messages on iPhone?

If your conversation is muted, but you have “Notify Me” enabled, you’ll still receive notifications — but only if your name is tagged in the thread using the new mentions feature. When you open the conversation from the alert, you’ll jump right to that message in the thread.

Why is my message app not working?

Clear Cache and Data in Message App. If your device has recently been updated to the latest version of Android, the old caches may not work with the new Android version. So you can go to clear the message app’s cache and data to fix the “message app not working” issue.

How do I fix my iMessage not working?

How To Fix iMessage On Your iPhone or iPad

  1. Turn iMessage Off, Reboot, And Then Back On.
  2. Make Sure iMessage Is Set Up Correctly.
  3. Check Your Internet Connection.
  4. Sign Out Of iMessage and Sign Back In.
  5. Check For An iOS Update.
  6. Reset Network Settings.
  7. Contact Apple Support.

How do you reply to Imessage without unlocking your phone?

Respond to text messages without unlocking your phone You can respond to texts directly from your lock screen by pulling down on the notification drawer and swiping over to the left on the text notification. You’ll see a “Reply” option, and tapping it will let you type a response without having to unlock your iPhone.

How do you dismiss a message notification?

  1. Change bubble settings for specific contacts: Open a conversation Tap More options Details Notifications.
  2. Dismiss a notification: Touch and hold the bubble, then drag it to the bottom of your screen.

How do I get my text message icon back?

Open your App Drawer, find Messaging, long-press it, and drag it back to the homescreen.

How do you recover deleted Messages on iPhone without backup?

How to recover deleted text messages from iPhone without backup: Use USB cable to connect your iPhone to your Mac and launch Cisdem iPhone Recovery on Mac. Choose “Recover from iOS Device” option, this iPhone data recovery will detect your device.

Does Notify me on Find My friends tell them?

Notify Me: With the Notify Me feature, Find My Friends can tell you when your friend leaves or arrives at a particular location. Two locations—their current location and your current location—are always available for quick selection.

Comment envoyer des messages collectifs sur un iPhone?

Si vous tentez d’envoyer des MMS collectifs sur un iPhone, accédez à Réglages > Messages et activez l’option Service MMS. Si l’option permettant d’activer le service MMS ou les messages collectifs ne s’affiche pas sur votre iPhone, il est possible que votre opérateur ne prenne pas en charge ces fonctionnalités.

Comment identifier un destinataire sur son iPhone?

Il vous informera de la lecture du message. Tapotez OK en haut à droite. Comme sur Mac, le destinataire devra ouvrir l’iMessage afin qu’il soit identifié comme Lu sur votre appareil. Si la personne ne consulte que l’aperçu sur l’écran verrouillé de son iPhone, il sera seulement considéré comme Distribué (4) . .

Comment désactiver un iMessage?

Si vous ne parvenez toujours pas à envoyer ou à recevoir de messages, contactez l’assistance Apple. Si vous ne recevez pas de SMS, contactez votre opérateur. Si vous êtes passé à un téléphone d’une marque autre qu’Apple, découvrez comment désactiver iMessage. Découvrez comment signaler des iMessages indésirables.

Est-ce que vous possédez un iPhone et un autre appareil iOS?

Si vous possédez un iPhone et un autre appareil iOS, tel qu’un iPad, il est possible que vos réglages iMessage soient configurés pour recevoir et envoyer des messages à partir de votre identifiant Apple et non pas de votre numéro de téléphone.

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