Why is Tony Macaroni closed?

Why is Tony Macaroni closed?

Tony Macaroni has closed its doors due to a difficult trading climate in the winter months, the News understands. Staff including waiters, waitresses and kitchen staff have been given the opportunity to transfer to a new Toni Macaroni, which is to open in the former Frankie and Benny’s in Irvine.

Who owns Tony Macaroni?

About Tony Macaroni The Italian cuisine brand is part of the Scottish-based Viva Italia Group, which has 19 restaurants under its umbrella and currently employs more than 500 people.

Is Tony Macaroni chicken halal?

Yes, the chicken that we serve in our restaurants is halal.

Is there Tony Macaroni in England?

Tony Macaroni opened its first restaurant in 2007 and now currently employs around 500 people across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Of the five new restaurants set to open, two are in Edinburgh, including one on the city’s Rose Street.

How many Tony Macaronis are there?

Tony Macaroni

Type Limited company
Genre Casual dining
Founded 2001
Headquarters Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Number of locations 17

Why is it called the Tony Macaroni Stadium?

It was previously officially titled the City Stadium in the early 2000s due to a sponsorship deal with the City group. It had also been called the West Lothian Courier Stadium before that. In September 2015, it was renamed again for sponsorship reasons to its current name of ‘Tony Macaroni Arena’.

Is Tony Macaroni only in Scotland?

It is the sister company of Nardini’s, an ice cream parlour in Largs, Scotland, and Marini’s, a Scottish chain of fish and chip shops. The first restaurant in Scotland opened in 2001, in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire….Tony Macaroni.

Type Limited company
Area served Scotland Northern Ireland
Website www.tonymacaroni.co.uk

Who owns Nardinis in Largs?

Nardini’s of Largs is now a branch of the Tony Macaroni empire, Viva Italia. Marini, now the sole owner of the business, said: “It’s business as usual for the restaurant in Largs, today and going forward.” The original Nardini family opened the much loved cafe in 1935.

Does Tony Macaroni do burgers?

At Tony Macaroni our dedicated chefs cook everything to order and use only the freshest ingredients sourced from the best local and Italian suppliers. From ribs to risotto, bruschetta to burgers and let’s not forget our award winning pasta and pizza selection, our marvellous menus provide something for every palate.

Is Livingston football pitch artificial?

It has been the home ground of Scottish Premiership club Livingston since 1995, and has an all-seater capacity of 9,512….Almondvale Stadium.

Field size 98m x 69m
Surface Artificial turf
Opened 1995
Livingston F.C. (1995–present)

Does Livingston FC have undersoil heating?

Its capacity stands at 9,512 and it’s also an all-seater ground. The pitch measures 98m by 69m and is covered with artificial turf with no running track surrounding but with undersoil heating already installed. The stadium’s record attendance of 10,112 was set on 27 October 2001 when Livingston faced Glasgow Rangers.

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