Why TIX?

Why TIX?

for their box office and online ticket sales. Why Tix? Tix is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based ticketing system that features fully integrated access controls, event management controls, multi-channel distribution capabilities, and a robust reporting suite.

What is tixtix?

Tix features an easy-to-use interface, a robust reporting suite, marketing tools to help keep your customers engaged, and the ability for you to access all of your ticket sales and donation information in one place. It’s ticketing software designed with you in mind. Tix seamlessly integrates into your box office operations.

How do I order tickets on TIX?

Tix can accommodate orders taken by Phone, Fax, Mail, Box Office, and Internet. You can even sell tickets directly through your Facebook Page! Tix also offers an optional 24/7 Call Center service that allows ticket buyers to speak with a US based live operator for ticket ordering.

How do I use Tix on my mobile device?

Take Tix with you on your iPad, iPhone or other mobile device, and sell tickets without needing to install an app. Use Tix to process real-time ticket sales and accept credit card payments on your mobile device. Tix can handle most any season ticket or subscription need, including “build-your-own” or fixed packages.

What is 1st TIX?

1st Tix provides tickets to events which reduce stress, strengthen family bonds, create positive memories, and encourage first responders to stay engaged with local communities and American life. We support the brave men and women who answer our emergency calls by honoring their service with positive family and life experiences.

What are tix and how to earn TIX?

Tix was earned by players through various methods, including visiting the site daily and having other users visit their Place. Tix could be spent on Catalog items and on advertisements. They were mainly used to buy things from the catalog. At the same time, Tickets also did not require payment and any registered account could earn them.

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