Why was Krishna actor changed in Mahabharat?

Why was Krishna actor changed in Mahabharat?

Mahabharat is back on television screens and so is Nitish Bharadwaj as Krishna, almost three decades after he shot for the show. However, the actor has revealed he wasn’t confident of playing such an important character and dodged director BR Chopra for weeks to avoid giving the screen test.

Who played Krishna role in BR Chopra Mahabharat?

Nitish Bharadwaj
Nitish Bharadwaj was chosen by B.R. Chopra, Ravi Chopra, Pandit Narendra Sharma and Rahi Masoom Raza, to play the central role of Krishna, at the age of 23. Initially, he was chosen for playing Vidur. But Virendra Razdan was cast for it as B.R.

Who is Anushalva in Mahabharat?

Nimai Bali
Mahabharat Katha (TV Series 1997–1998) – Nimai Bali as King Anushalva – IMDb.

Who played Parshuram in old Mahabharat?

In an exclusive chat with IndiaToday.in, Puneet Issar spoke about why he rejected to play Bheem in BR Chopra’s Mahabharat and what made him say yes to play Parshuram in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Mahabharat. Excerpts from the conversation. Two of your shows are currently on air.

Who attacked Dwarka in Mahabharata?

Yet another Salwa king (3:12, 7:11) attacked Dwaraka, this Salwa king was an ally of Shishupala, Dantavakra and Rukmi. According to the narration in the epic, he possessed an aircraft known as Saubha Vimana and used it for travel and for aerial warfare.

Where is Madra Desh now?

Madra Kingdom (IAST: Mādra; [maːd̪ɽɐ]) was a kingdom grouped among the western kingdoms in the epic Mahabharata. Its capital was Sagala in Madra region, modern Sialkot in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

How old is Praveen Kumar?

35 years (October 2, 1986)
Praveen Kumar/Age

Who is the best Krishna actor?

Nitish Bharadwaj can easily be called the Krishna of Indian television. His portrayal of the lord on BR Chopra’s Mahabharat is still etched in public memory. He also admits that he benefited the most from the role, which reflected the viewers’ devotion and love for Lord Krishna.


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