Why was the song Rockit by Herbie Hancock and Grandmixer D St significant?

Why was the song Rockit by Herbie Hancock and Grandmixer D St significant?

This was the first hit song to feature scratching, and for anyone not familiar with hip-hop, it was the first time they heard the sounds of a record being manipulated on a turntable to the beat. The technique was pioneered by the DJs Grand Master Flash and Grand Wizard Theodore, who performed throughout New York.

When did Rockit by Herbie Hancock?

“Rockit” was released as a single in June, 1983 and included on Hancock’s album Future Shock, which came out two months later.

What genre is Rockit by Herbie Hancock?


Whose hit single Rockit was innovative in its use of turntables and scratching?

The track was driven by its deejay scratch style, performed primarily by DXT, and its music video created by Godley & Creme, which was put in high rotation on MTV….Rockit (instrumental)

Producer(s) Bill Laswell, Michael Beinhorn
Herbie Hancock singles chronology
“Gettin’ to the Good Part” (1982) “Rockit” (1983) “Autodrive” (1983)

What was Herbie Hancock’s greatest hit?

Watermelon Man
Hancock’s best-known compositions include “Cantaloupe Island”, “Watermelon Man”, “Maiden Voyage” and “Chameleon”, all of which are jazz standards. During the 1980s, he enjoyed a hit single with the electronic instrumental “Rockit”, a collaboration with bassist/producer Bill Laswell.

What movie is Rockit?

Zoolander part of Zoolander

  • Date: September 28, 2001.
  • Type: Movie.

What movie is the song rock it in?

Up All Night: This song plays as Reagan dances in the chicken suit during the birthday party. Chris reluctantly agrees to throw a joint birthday party for Amy with an overly enthusiastic neighbor. Meanwhile, Nancy begins looking for a man.

Do you think the turntable has become a valid musical instrument?

Yes. The turntable has, in fact, been a majorly influential instrument in the past 100 years.

What was Herbie Hancock first album?

Out of This World
Herbie Hancock/First album

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