Will there be a season 2 of Wolfblood?

Will there be a season 2 of Wolfblood?

Series overview

Series Episodes Originally aired
First aired
1 13 10 September 2012
2 13 9 September 2013
3 13 15 September 2014

Is Wolfblood Cancelled?

It’s been over three years since we finished work on season five, and CBBC haven’t shown any sign of interest in commissioning more episodes. So effectively, no, Wolfblood has been cancelled and there won’t be another season.

Why did rhydian leave Wolfblood?

After the climax of the story, Rhydian decides to leave for Canada to find Maddy so they could be together again, leaving a mystery as to whether or not he’ll return to Stoneybridge with Maddy or remain in Canada with her.

Where can I watch Wolfblood Season 2?

Watch Wolfblood, Season 2 | Prime Video.

When was Season 2 Wolfblood?

The second series of Wolfblood began on the 9th of September 2013 on CBBC in the United Kingdom. It consists of thirteen episodes and a secret episode.

What happened in the last episode of Wolfblood?

May 1, 2017
Wolfblood/Final episode date

What happened in Wolfblood season 2 Episode 4?

Wolfblood – Season 2 Episode 4 – Total Eclipse Of The Moon. Series 2 is set three months after the series 1 finale. Jana arrives in Stoneybridge, claiming to have been exiled from the wild wolfblood pack. Despite occasional conflicts with Maddy, she befriends Maddy, Rydian, Tom and Shannon and falls in love with the human world.

What happened to Maddy in Wolfblood series 2?

At the end of series two, Maddy has to leave to join Jana’s pack with her mum ( Emma Smith) and her dad ( Daniel Smith) as Dr. Rebecca Whitewood finds out that they’re wolfbloods. This was Maddy’s human form last appearance in wolfblood because she has an appearance in Moonrise with Rydian as a wolf.

When do Tom and Shannon find out Maddy and Rhydian are Wolfbloods?

Tom and Shannon eventually find out (although this was not through Maddy revealing it purposefully) that Maddy and Rhydian are Wolfbloods in the Series 1 finale Irresistible, and have kept the secret throughout Series 2 and 3.

Who is the leader of the pack in the Wolfbloods?

Leader Of The Pack Rhydian unexpectedly returns on the night of the full moon, chased by wild wolfbloods as Tom discovers Shannon spying on the Smiths with a surveillance camera hidden in the Den. Maddy’s overjoyed to have Rhydian back and persuades her parents to help him re-adjust back to life in Stoneybridge. 2. The Girl From Nowhere

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