Wollyhood : The other countries of the cinema

A webzine about cinema, it’s ever seen. A community site, mixing cinema, role-plays and meetings, all in Web 2.0, and that has under the hood, it is something else. A board, read the following…

Wollyhood is a community site, an original concept where you’re talking about… cinema. There are various discussions, games & contests, role-playing games (the site is based on a few rules of the game of roles in connection with the world of cinema), meetings, a program of films with ratings, reviews, and quotes.

The site is fairly comprehensive while being original. In Wollyhood, each person, real, embodies a character, fictional. This is where the “Role Play” but the designers of the site had the good idea not to do that and to keep these rules simple and fun. For example, the use of movie characters (NPCS) the strategic places of the site : Danny Ocean bank, Ed Wood to manage the movies or the Joker in the lottery.

The discussion topics are very varied, one can pass quickly from the very serious to the very entertaining. In fact, an article can be centered on a director as well as on the staged kidnapping of Bridget Jones !

In addition, Wollyhood surfs on the wave of Web 2.0. You can’t just not read or respond, but the user must participate and follow a few missions to evolve. The whole is very entertaining and fully rewarding on the cinema !

You can discuss with other fans of cinema and series with articles, comments, chats, or even by e-mail !

There are still probably plenty of things to discover on Wollyhood… here it goes : www.wollyhood.eu

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