Would Suneo betray Nobita?

Would Suneo betray Nobita?

Even Suneo would betray Nobita by pinning his misdemeanors on him in order to avoid possible punishment and Gian’s violent confrontations. Nobita almost always gets back at him for said events with one of Doraemon’s gadgets.

Why is Suneo jealous of Nobita?

Suneo used to be jealous of Nobita because he has a cool robot cat ( I, Honekawa Doraemon) but it is shown now that he is pretty happy with his own friendship with Doraemon, and does not envy Nobita as much anymore.

What is Suneo’s favorite video game?

Suneo is a video game pro, as an arch-rival to Nobita Suneo always tries to be a better gamer than him, but constantly fails. His favorite video games would mostly be RPGs and shooters such The Story of Zelia (a spoof of The Legend of Zelda ), Last Legend (a spoof of Final Fantasy) and TERROR (a spoof of DOOM ).

What does Suneo look like in the 1979 anime?

Suneo In the Newer 1979 anime episodes. In the early episodes of the 1979 anime, he wore a teal polo shirt and brown shorts, but this was changed in the later episodes of the 1979 anime and he wore a white shirt (With a green overshirt) and yellow ochre shorts. In this version, Suneo’s nose shape is similar to Shizuka, Dekisugi, and Tamako.

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